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    Default Is Chêne a subset of Chypre Rouge?

    Is Chypre Rouge the "ladies night" version of Chêne?

    I looked at reviews on here and MUA and only one there um or maybe 2, remarked on the similarity.

    Of course a man could wear either. The funny thing is that with this 15 ml I just got of CR after a couple of wearings I thought about wearing Chêne with it but then realized wait it's already in there, I think.

    I like them both and Chêne layers well with a lot of sweet fragrances.

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    Default Re: Is Chêne a subset of Chypre Rouge?

    I just bought Chene a couple weeks ago. I love it! I do tree work and I can tell you, that is an accurate depiction of oak. I've never smelled Chypre Rouge, but by reading the reviews, I'd gather Chene is no where near as sweet. I actually fine Chene very dry; with a rustic charm all it's own. It holds no glamour, or romantic connotations of exotic, spice filled fantasies of far away places or warm nights in guilded luxury. I find Chene to be more of a realist.

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    Default Re: Is Chêne a subset of Chypre Rouge?

    I haven't noticed any similarities. Chene is extremely dry for an SL fragrance. It layers perfectly with Daim Blond.

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    Default Re: Is Chêne a subset of Chypre Rouge?


    I don't find them similar.

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    Default Re: Is Chêne a subset of Chypre Rouge?

    dunno about chene...but Daim Blond sure reminds me of chypre rouge...

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    Default Re: Is Chêne a subset of Chypre Rouge?

    I don't find them to be similar.
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    Default Re: Is Chêne a subset of Chypre Rouge?

    Nonono. Chypre Rouge is a bad joke. Chêne is a remarkably bare-boned woody oriental.
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