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    Question kinda long story and a joke, (requesting help) read this if you have time to kill =D

    THIS IS mesage for all mid-level and expert authorities in everything fragrance related people...

    I sell tipically desinger fragraces in a city in Mexico, I usually have costumers from offices, schools, and everyone who doesnt have the time to visit department stores and sniff arround..ànd dont usually buy over the internet...

    I did dis for over two year just to help out in the family as an extra income, eventually, the provider in the family got sick and pasted away and for a while fragrances were the only income for my house... I stopped and carried on with my regular job ( english teacher, as crazy as it sounds, never mind my grammar btw) any way, people kept asking when was I going to bring perfumes again ( they are much more expensive and harder to find here and I had good prices =D) and even after telling them I didnt sell them any more they would go and say " well.. let know when you bring some.. " this went on for a while...

    eventually in early 2009 I began selling again, I did not do so well at begining but ithe business kept getting better and better and now it is so geat that I am getting ready to quit my job as an ENglish teacher and persuit a full comercial carreer as a fragrance trader...

    now here's is the joke:

    I know squat about perfumes and fragrances.

    I didnt even know

    the difference between EDT and EDP... nothing, zero... I didnt know many designer houses, I didnt know wich ones where for winter or summer or anything like that...

    I actually learned a couple of things from my own customers!! ..

    so my question, the one I have for the frgrancealmightywise basenoters is:

    Where do I learn? can I take a crash course? Do I have to visit every fragrane store around the world? maybe I just have to read ALL BASE NOTE FORUMS and I will become
    fragrance savant..


    I am open to all ideas even if they are contradictory... thank you very much for your patience..


    there is another dilema about my customers but I will post that on another tread tnx

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    Default Re: kinda long story and a joke, (requesting help) read this if you have time to kill =D

    Welcome juancho!
    Thanks for sharing your story - its wonderful you have been able to make a living in this industry

    I think if you were hoping to learn, there is no better place than right here on basenotes.
    The "Just Starting Out" forum in particular deals with many of the basic "Frequently Asked Questions" (eg: the differences between EDC, EDT, PDT, EDP, Parfum, Extrait and so on)... there is a lot of very valuable basic info there.
    The other thing is perhaps to engage in some discussion on the forums here - the more you interract with other members, the more you will learn. Im sure you will find many insightful and varied opinions, and find that perfume is very much a personal journey. You are kind of at the beginning of yours, and in a way I a little envious! There is so much for you to discover... in your own time, of course!

    If there is anything you need, just shout - Im sure there are many members such as myself whom would be willing to lend some advice and answer your questions.
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    Default Re: kinda long story and a joke, (requesting help) read this if you have time to kill =D


    that was a very good reading and I am glad you posted it. I am glad that you are able to make a living selling fragrancs and I hope in the future I will too !

    Just keep reading Basenotes. I highly recommend the Male and Female fragrance forums. You can learn so much ! As well, the Industry forum ( this one here) is very good as well. There are many well worded members here ( Dimitri included) that I always look forward to reading here.

    As well, I can recommend a couple of books:

    Chandler Burr has a book entitled "The Perfect Scent"


    Cathy Newman is the author of Perfume: The Art and Science of Scent. This was released by National Geographic books if I am not mistaken. It is a bit older ( I think it was written in 1998), but still lots to be learned in it.

    All the best Juancho.
    Seeking: Bottles/decants : of Pomegranate Noir, Midnight in Paris EDP, Feeling Man, Essence of John Galliano, Azzaro pour Homme (vintage),...etc.

    Seeking decant/sample of PdE Ambre Russe, Jil Sander Feeling Man, Comme des Garcons 2 Man, Giorgio VIP, ....etc. I have samples to swap.

    More HERE
    Please PM me !

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    Default Re: kinda long story and a joke, (requesting help) read this if you have time to kill =D

    wow, thank you very much for your quick relplies, I will start reading the forums and great tip about the books!!..

    I will keep you informed on my progress and tell some curious stories of my selling and my customers.. hope you like them..

    GRACIAS!!! if there is anything I can help you with let me know SPANISH LESSONS INCLUDED LOL!!..

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    Default Re: kinda long story and a joke, (requesting help) read this if you have time to kill =D

    Guten abend, wie gaets? ... No wait... Hola, que tal? ... Nah, your English is much better than my Spanish. Welcome!

    I think also the book Perfumes The Guide might help you. From some of the introductory material you can learn the different major categories of fragrance - floral, oriental, chypre, fougere, fresh, green, etc. and also examples of each. You can probably look up the fragrances your customers like and check what categories they fall into. Sometimes you can find inexpensive fragrances in the same category. For example, Stetson is an inexpensive fragrance sold in US drug stores, but it's quite a good example of a masculine oriental.

    If you know a customer likes a particular type of fragrance - say feminine and spicey - and wants something new, you can post a question in the Female Frangrance Discussion like, what's a good spicey fragrance that's reasonably priced and not too hard to get?

    If you read some of the threads about SAs (Sales Associates in perfume at department or specialty stores) you'll soon realize that you can do better.

    Buena suerte!

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    Default Re: kinda long story and a joke, (requesting help) read this if you have time to kill =D

    Hi, and welcome to Basenotes. You hang around here for a year or two, and you will know a lot. Trust me. But you will keep learning after that. Nobody knows everything about fragrance - it's just way too much info. You can make a good start here. Best wishes! -Red
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