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    Default Alexa Lixfeld #002 & #003

    I never heard of Alexa Lixfeld until I saw three fragrances on the Luckyscent website. I ordered samples of #002 & #003. I'll let you read Luckyscetns description and I'll follow with my comments.

    Eau de Parfum
    by Alexa Lixfeld

    Luckyscents description:

    The Scoop
    Imagine a sandalwood fan gently stirring the air in a cedar paneled room and you will begin to appreciate the effect the 002 will have, with a couple wrinkles, obviously. The patchouli is there, but barely, so there is no need to strap on the Birkenstocks. It seems to serve as a bridge between the dry wood and the slightly earthy vetiver that adds to the depth and warmth which is teased along by the brightness of balsamic fir. The key to the complexity lies in the addition of jasmine, tonka and vanilla which, while elusive, adds a semi-sweet accord and keeps the scent from becoming too earthy. 002 is bold yet soft, transparent yet complex. A fascinating perfume that can be worn by a man or woman.

    002 Notes
    Sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli and vetiver, fir, tonka bean, vanilla, and benzoin, jasmin, carrot seed oil.

    My comments:
    The bottles are exactly like Nasamotto's. EDP and 30ml, and about $20.00 cheaper. It's funny to have pre-conceived notions about a frag based on the look of a bottle, notes, price and strength - but I guess we all do it. I was thinking they might have that over the top strength and sillage that Nasamotto's have, but they don't.

    Number 002 - Forget it if you think you might like this one beacuse of the notes. It's blended so nice it's difficult to pick up on individual notes. One note that just pops thru ever so slightly is "fir" with a hint of carrot seed oil and sandlewood. Wierd combo, but enjoyable to my nose. There is no "Wow Factor" here, just simply intriging and a little different. The lasting power isn't enough for me to purchase a bottle, but I think the lasting power for alot of you may be good. For the curious I recommend sampling. I'm glad I did.

    Eau de Parfum
    by Alexa Lixfeld

    The Scoop
    What a curious delight. The 003 is remarkable in how simple the olfactory listing appears. Nothing exotic in the bricks, but what a house they have built. Not too citrusy on the top; not too peppery from the pepper. Little evidence of the herbaceous rosemary and not a lick of cinnamon toast— but yet they are all evident, playing together in harmony. This one keeps us sniffing ourselves to the point of self consciousness. 003 offers a piquancy without being sharp-- which makes it seem almost woodsy. Seemingly described here as everything it isn't, we think it is all we want and more.

    003 Notes
    Bergamot, rosemary, patchouli, pepper, vanilla and cinnamon.


    Again 003 is well blended like 002. It's difficult discerning individual notes. Luckyscent mentions it seems "almost woodsy" - it's not almost - it is woodsy. Makes no sense considering the listed notes.
    I enjoy 003 slightly better than 002. The lasting power on 003 is better than 002. Am I going to buy a bottle of 003. Actually I'm considering it. Nothing to jump up and down about, but nicely done. The quality of ingredients is good, but should be better considering the price.

    Overall two decent offerings from a new house and worthy of sampling.

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    Default Re: Alexa Lixfeld #002 & #003

    Funny you posted this today .... I was testing 002 this afternoon.
    I kinda like 002 - especially after intial app with its woodsy note but I DO understand your comment about longevity.
    It's still hanging around after a few hours - but very lightly. Pleasant in a low key way.

    Now - on to 003.

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    Default Re: Alexa Lixfeld #002 & #003

    I got a sample of 002 thrown in with a recent purchase, and I sampled it last night. I found it quite good, VERY strong on my skin, almost overwhelmingly so. Tons of patchouli, sandalwood and cedar plus some pine to my nose. I found it sort of boozy as well. It's a little too strong for my tastes, believe it or not, plus it's too woody during the first half of it's progression, but it was well made and of high quality, so for those looking for uber wood, they could do a lot worse.
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    Default Re: Alexa Lixfeld #002 & #003

    I have sampled both of these: 002 and 003 for the past couple of days and really like both of them. Very well blended. I agree with the beck's' comments. I did get really nice longevity from both and really think I prefer 003 over 002. I will pick one of these as my birthday gift to myself in mid February. I may need to order more samples to make a decision, but right now, 003 is my pick.

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    Default Re: Alexa Lixfeld #002 & #003

    Jock did you ever end up buying 003? I have a sample of it and I plan on wearing it this week...
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    Default Re: Alexa Lixfeld #002 & #003

    Luckyscent sent me unsolicited samples of these two with a prior purchase, but in my case, didn't do much for me.

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