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    Default (SUCCESS!) Brainstorming marketing ideas for a fragrance vendor rep

    UPDATE: The event was an amazing success! See post #3.

    First off, I know a fragrance vendor rep for Elizabeth Arden Fragrances very well. She does a fabulous job promoting the company's products... so great, that she boosted Juicy Couture fragrance brand sales for the Fort Wayne, IN/Glenbrook Square Macy's sales to #2 among the 800+ Macy's stores in the nation. IIRC, only Herald Square in NYC sells more! (Don't laugh... I like Viva la Juicy.)

    However, in a couple of weeks, that store is going to have a big promo for Juicy Couture fragrances, particularly the new Couture Couture, to celebrate. In the Midwest, the event is typically held at the Water Tower Place or State Street Macy's stores in downtown Chicago; however, since Glenbrook sold more Juicy Couture frags than Water Tower or State Street, they got it and the Chicago stores didn't this time. Even though I love Chicago, wait until I tell the boys at O'Hare Field...

    For this event, she's looking for big marketing ideas. We've talked the normal traditional and new media. But we need to think of other strategies for the promotion... preferably out-of-the box. We already came up with a tie-in idea with Elizabeth Arden cosmetics (the ol' corporate synergy strategy), and I thought about possibly a tie-in with Rocawear men's fragrances (another popular clothing label and Elizabeth Arden fragrance brand) for the guys as well. But even though I'm a smart marketing student, I could use more ideas from all you folks. Get those ideas flowing... let's start now!

    Oh, and she promised me a bottle of X Rocawear for the consulting as a way of saying "thanks".
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    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Help with brainstorming marketing ideas for a fragrance vendor rep

    since it is "couture", tie in some fashion.
    why not have some sort of design competition, or feature local designers to tie into the brand (it can be fun / over the top.. couture is waaaaay out of the realm of something you'd see on the street). think designers like galliano at dior, alexander macqueen, martin margiela.. you can make entire outfits out of perfume boxes, juicy couture posters, magazines, etc.. she could create a window display in a prime location in the store on street level to get attention, or even in the fragrance dept, or do some sort of fashion show.

    hope it helps.

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    Default Re: Help with brainstorming marketing ideas for a fragrance vendor rep

    Thanks for your idea! I talked to the Arden rep today, and the event was a smash. She took your suggestions (designers, perfume bottles/posters on mannequins), and some of mine (working with mall management to promote the event), too. The end result: Glenbrook was the top volume producer chainwide within Macy's for Juicy Couture fragrances over Valentine's Day... even beating out the 3 flagships (Herald Square, State Street, and Union Square). I think she deserves a raise...

    Oh, and I got the bottle of X Rocawear PLUS a Rocawear 9IX T-shirt as a way of saying "thanks". And yes, X Rocawear smells pretty darn good... similar to SMW as others have said.
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
    -"Mama", My Chemical Romance

    Vintage Dior Leather Oud for sale (US only)

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