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    Default Pure Malt vs A*Men Hype?

    I have smelt pure malt and a*men drydown and they smell VERY similar. Is it just me or is there barely a difference in the drydown of these fragrances. A*men smells exactly like puremalt drydown except it is stronger and a little bit more "dark" .... ? leave your thoughts or experiences.... and tell me if you think there is a major difference

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    Default Re: Pure Malt vs A*Men Hype?

    Not a huge difference... Like you said, the dry down in Pure Malt is lighter... Also on my skin the boozyness in Pure Malt's top notes is integrated into the A*Men like dry down which imo gives it a dimension A*Men lacks...
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    Default Re: Pure Malt vs A*Men Hype?

    IMO a slight difference, but it's there.

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    Default Re: Pure Malt vs A*Men Hype?

    I get a huge difference in the drydowns of Pure Malt and A*men. Pure Malt is best in the beginning, but over time it loses its dimensions. A*men on the other hand can begin very chaotically, but over time it becomes tighter and more cohesive.

    I love Pure Malt, it's amazing, however I will offer a serious critique of it-- the drydown can become very "plasticky" after a few hours. Even when I refresh over an old application, the plastic note remains. It's kind of unfortunate, but it's not enough to take away from how much I love the first few hours of it-- because the beginning of Pure Malt is equal parts fun-loving hedonist and distinguished gentleman.

    A*Men on the other hand has several clashing facets that really only begin to play nicely with each other after time has passed. I have to give the edge on drydown quality to the original A*men, because it's more substantial and three dimensional. To be fair though, I haven't tried any recently produced bottles of A*men lately--mine was bought a few years back-- and I've heard people saying that it was reformulated with some of the notes like tar toned back quite a bit. If this is true, then I don't know how the current A*men stacks up to Pure Malt. I will say this though, the first time I encountered A*men, it was the most uncompromising fragrance I'd ever smelled-- a real jolt to the senses. I really hope it hasn't been messed with too much.

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    Default Re: Pure Malt vs A*Men Hype?

    Own the two and prefer PM. The dry-down is similar to Amen but isn't as demanding. Also, the opening of PM is a night and day difference with the whiskey foxtrot alpha giggity giggity.

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