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    Default when/where do you use angel men?

    I just opened my new package of Angel Men. It's quite a sweet gourmand scent. As great of a scent it is, I can't think of a single occasion where I want to smell like chocolate milk. Perhaps you can suggest some instances.

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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    I love wearing Angel for men and I've never been told that I smell like chocolate milk.
    I've got nothing but great comments on this, one being ' I smell like god'.

    I wear it on cold evenings/nights and come in heaps in Melbourne, Australia.

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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    I didn't wear it last winter, but I wore it the winter before.

    My preference is for it in the colder three seasons, and I find that the changes the scent goes through during a day's wearing make it remarkable and a renewing smell delight all day.

    I lose the gourmand element after a few hours or half a day, and find that the tar and powder quality comes forward. There's some vanilla and some sweet still, I guess, so maybe not all the gourmand is lost, but by the time of a cold twilight and colder night, the tar and powder are a great spell together.

    There was a member here (I think he's still here) who delighted in wearing it during the summer too. He always said everyone should try it out and see, but I've been too chicken.

    I also wouldn't think to call it chocolate milk if that idea wasn't suggested to me. Even still, I agree with Gupts that it doesn't really hold for me either.

    Best luck. I think Angel Men is a great one.
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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    It seems to wear differently on everybody I guess. It's one the most loved and hated scents going. Look at the reviews. I kind of liked for a time, but the when and where is a good question. I wore it to the office - ONCE. Be careful with the dosage. It's sneaky potent. Good luck finding your place for it.

    If you're young, a lot of women might like it. It can come off as the frag equivalent of "comfort food." Give more of a chance- it's got more going on than "chocolate milk." I found it tough to wear. But I'm pretty "mature."
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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    When I owned a bottle, I use to wear it at night when I went to the movies. The popcorn, carmel, sticky floors, etc.. really worked with A*men.
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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    I live in a hot humid climate and wearing A*Men is no problem. But i prefer to wear it to places that have air conditioning. If I know I'll be in the sun a lot I won't wear A*Men. LOl I think it's time for me to try.
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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    I think that, almost irrespective of the climate and of the season of the year, this one is truly made for being worn during clubbing and during other rather informal gatherings/forms of socializing

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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    Haha Gupts! I'm with ya' buddy, Melbourne is plethoric for a huge amount for scents that are best worn in winter! Sometimes I congratulate us on our periodically skewiff forecast!

    Cheers and take care!

    - Balava
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    - Anonymous


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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    I'm from NYC and I smell this one a lot at work (corporate environment) and at nightclub\bars, it actually smells ok at both ocasions. Go figure

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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    5+ sprays, hot summer evening in cinema full of people Now that would be vile.
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    Default Re: when/where do you use angel men?

    Wow. To be told that you smell like god. That's damn epic. I hope this statement was followed by worship and maybe human sacrifice.

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