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    Default Recommendations for frags without ISO E SUPER?


    I'm looking for something to substitute Helmut Langs Cuiron that I used over several years ad nauseam and sold now. The aim is to have two or five different fragrances at hand occasionally.

    By now I've got three: Yardley Lavender, Sisley Campagne, Beene Grey Flannel

    All these lack sophistication and/or are to square. Whilst reading about and testing several frags that are regarded each as high class I wondered what Iso E Super was. I can't stand it. I'm tired of skin testing just to reveal the yukky substance once more hours later.

    Do You have any advice regarding a scent with an artsy twist, irony, a satyr, male but not sensual (at least not more than I am)? Must a man sprinkle dissolved tires in diesel, a delicate heart of waste oil, o'l fish from the last tour, rancid beer, wet dog, delightfully topped with bitter almond, artistically resembling a just started catalyst?

    I tried:

    • Knize 10, would be a bit to much of a thrill, great in its own
    • Givenchy Vetyver, WASP, utterly settled, unbelievable straight, hence a true lie, a candidate
    • Carven Vetiver, tid to powdery like downscaled from something
    • Guerlain Vetiver, to much tobacco, sorry
    • Azzaro Homme, compares very well to its cheap imitations
    • Comme Des Garcons No.2 Men, liked it over 60 minutes a lot, twisted gourmand, but dry down is stifled by Super Iso, what a shame
    • Rabanne XS (not "black"), decomposed, to much of its own, no wink of an eye

    I'm lost! What should be next, but without that (in)famous velvety sensation in the base?

    Thank You very much

    ps: I've got a new bottle of Herrera Sensual Vetiver. Should I take the risk to open it? If I leave it closed I could get my money back, though. No chance to test it otherwise - is the base free of the forementioned spoiler?
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    Default Re: Recommendations for frags without ISO E SUPER?

    It's hard to recommend anything with a "cedar" or "wood" note that might not have been reformulated since 1990 to include ISO E Super. Unless there's an overdose of it, I doubt I could tell.

    Some random ideas for taking a walk on the artsy side, others here will know if there's a problem:

    Caron, l'Anarchiste
    Tauer, Incense Rose
    Marc Buxton, Around Midnight
    Montale, Aoud Leather
    Creed, Royal English Leather
    BPAL, Mad Hatter or The Caterpillar (has many of the heart notes of Knize Ten, but without the leather and diesel)
    Parfumerie Generale, Cuir d'Iris
    Parfum d'Empire, Iskander Attar, Oak Moss, Aalacho, probably many others

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