Amouage Epic Woman
Amouage Tribute Attar
Ava Luxe Ambra Tibet
Ava Luxe Incense Rose
Aveda Yatra
Donna Karan Signature
ELO Bendelirious
Guerlain Meteorites
L'artisan Havana Vanille
Kenzo Flower Essentielle
Pacifica Lotus Garden
Parfums Delrae Emotionnelle
PdN Vanille Intense
Romea d'Ameor Les Imperatrices Japonaises
Romea d'Ameor Les Maitresses de Louis XIV
Sonoma Scent Cameo/Femme Jolie
The Party Frangipani
Washington Tremlett Clove Absolute

These are the ones I've noticed. If they have been previously listed, or listed in error, mea culpa.