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    Default Juliet has a Gun Calamity J: Operation Flood the Market

    Has anyone had the chance to try this new one yet from JhaG? Unique it is not, in fact it reminds me of many other scents, including Nombril Immense and the new Nightscape. I'm noticing a worrying trend, though it's not all that new, of releasing scents that are SO similar to other already existing scents that they really have no reason to exist. I'll post my review of it, that's in the Today I Sampled thread below.

    Marketing bullshit at it's finest right here folks. It's described as "a masculine scent for women" and "the fragrance of a dandy" what does that smell like you ask? Like a well done unisex fragrance. I know shocker. It really is well done though, if completely uninspired. Whilst smelling I was reminded of reviews for the new Costume National Homme, mentioning how it was treading familiar ground but still smelled good. Well Cal J (my own pet name ), is treading INCREDIBLY familiar ground. This is how I WANTED the new Ulrich Lang Nightscape to smell, essentially it's creamy patchouli and vanilla. I'm starting to wonder if ever since I figured out what patchouli smells like by smelling Straight to Heaven, a year and a half ago, that my nose has become hypersensitive to it in fragrance. It's either than or it's coincidentally coinciding with a new trend in perfumery because I'm smelling it everywhere. The patchouli is of the sweet NON-earthy variety, but it's quite tempered, and soft, as opposed to what I found to be a far too exposed rendition in Nightscape. The vanilla helps to mellow out the patch, and the iris in the topnotes is clearly present to my nose, helping to ground the whole composition. What has been reported as a common theme in Juliet has a Gun fragrances, a plastic note, is evident during the first 2 hours of the frags life but gives way afterwards to mostly vanilla. Very nice, and COMPLETELY unisex, I'm not sure what purpose it holds in today's market. 3.5 stars for quality, but lack of originality.
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