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    Default Spraying vs. Splashing

    Does everyone get a different scent reaction to a fragrance that is sprayed on vs. dabbed on out of the bottle? I have had a few experiences now where I have purchased samples and liked what I got. Then bought a bottle or decant with spray, and it is totally different. Am I alone here?

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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    I feel like the fragrance has no projection and is cramped when dabbed, I much prefer spray. Its harder to understand the subtleties of a dabbed sample IMO.
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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    No, I experienced the same thing. It led me to some semi blind buys based on sample dabs because it took a few tries with spray vs. dabbing to realize I did/didn't like some fragrances. Expensive trials but that's what sell/swap is for. My bad buys equal good deals for other forums members, so in that respect it helps others enjoy our interest. Not a bad thing IMHO.
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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    I only like spraying. It seems I have to use more fluid when dabbing to get the same strength that comes from a spray. Something about the increased dispersal of the spray just works for me.

    Anytime I get a splash bottle, I have to decant it into one with an atomizer.
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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    I've recently switched my method to "dabbed" and "rubbed in" (Thanks, Amit). I've noticed some differences in development and weirdly better longevity with some scents, though they tend to stay closer to skin. Hey, dabbing is Lutens's way of applying scents too right.

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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    Sprays for me all the way.....Gary

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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    Like most cats, I prefer to spray. Spraying gives you a wider area of coverage, resulting in more sillage as the evaporation/dispersion area is larger. Dabbing confines the smell to a small area, often resulting in a skin scent dispersion. Obviously the way to go with oil based fragrances is dabbing, as they would clog up an atomizer.
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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    I prefer spraying as I get a more even distribution. I find splashing a bit messy and hard to get a right amount.
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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    For me, Spray mechanisms are the ultimatum!

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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    I find that spraying works best for me and produces more sillage than dabbing.

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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    I don't notice any significant difference.
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    Default Re: Spraying vs. Splashing

    Some scents please me more when sprayed, and some need dabbing to be enjoyed

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