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    Question Extra Vieille Age?

    Hi, does anyone know how old this bottle is?

    And for those of you who know Extra Vieille well, would you recommend the vintage juice over the current formulation?
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    Tom (the_good_life) is the expert on R&G Extra Vielle. Hopefully he'll be able to offer his insights.

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    And if anyone could shed some light on this item, a 1950s flacon on R&G that would be very helpful.

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    I'm sorry, but I have no experience with vintage Extra Vieille. Only this much: R&G never experienced the same kind of decline from ultra-luxury for the select few to near-bankruptcy as Farina Cologne - it was middle class (i.e. comparatively mass market) from earlier on. It may have gone through refomulation (who hasn't ?), but probably never as drastic as it's elder cousin from Germany. I have a huge stash of vintage Extra-Vieille soap which seems slightly different (and wonderful) than the newer stuff (next-to-last design/formulation), but not dramatically so, and that may just be age.
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    Thanks for your help Tom. When I get the bottle, I'll send you a sample gratis.

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    Scentsivity just recommended this scent to me and I got it. Love it! It's my cheaper alternative to Aqua di Parma Colonia.
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    Acqua di Parma is extremely floral. RG is a good middle of the road traditional cologne. I would also recommend Guerlain Cologne du Coq and Cologne de Imperiale.

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