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Thread: Genoa - Italy

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    Default Genoa - Italy

    Has anyone any recommendations for perfumeries (and related) in Genoa (Genova) in Northern Italy?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Don't make me come and post this on the Male Fragrance Discussion Board.
    You know I am capable!

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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Hi, Dimitri.

    I am planning a trip to Torino in late March, but may possibly visit Genova briefly. I did some searching on the Web just in case and found this place in Genova. There are surely others but I haven't found any so far.

    And you might be able to find out more about some of these listed here. I do see a Santa Maria Novella store in this list.

    I have generally been more successful in looking on perfume manufacturer websites for locations of their retail outlets and going from there rather than searching broadly for perfume shops in any given city.

    Torino appears to be a better place overall for fragrance shopping. I've found nearly a dozen interesting places so far. Hopefully you can come up with more choices for Genova.

    Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Thanks Noggs - it looks like we will criss-cross paths, though I will be in the region in the 2nd and 3rd week in April instead. (Lake Como, Milan and Genoa).

    Thanks for the links - and the great advice with regard to looking for store locations from big perfume houses instead.
    Just do me a favour though... leave some scents for me will you!

    Happy trails!

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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    When I lived in Milano, people cautioned me about Genova... Too much crime, generally dangerous. But as long as you're shopping during the day, you shouldn't have to worry.

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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Oh, Genova is beeyootiful. Can't help you with the perfumery aspect though, never looked for it there. I have family in the Genova/Milano/Torino area and I concur with tott: Genova can be a bit... gritty in places. However, no need to worry excessively, just be aware of your surroundings. And at the risk of sounding morbid: do try to visit the Genova Cemetery. It's all gothic glamour and endless passages of cracked marble flagstone lined with weeping angels.
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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Oh, I'm so sorry
    Is it too late, it is'nt?

    Caleri, via XXV aprile (near Palazzo Ducale& piazza Fontane Marose)

    a wonderful niche perfumes boutique
    restyled in spring 2010, girls are very nice, very expert
    You can try all as you want

    from Villoresi to Profvmvm, from Heeley to Tauer, from Olivier Durbano to Nez Nez , Diptyque, AP, Montale & so on

    no Lutens export, no Goutal

    Genoa is a city of sun, wind, sea, so sparkly, so mediterranean, so bright...
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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Too bad I didn't see this a year ago! First of all, Genoa is no more dangerous than any other large city. Stay out of the port area and the less traveled parts of the centro storico at night and you'll be just fine. I know, cause I live here.

    I second Caleri, it's in Piazza delle Fontane Marose near one of the most elegant streets in Europe, Via Garibaldi. Wonderful shop, with well informed salespeople. Another is Charme via XX Settembre 20. That's Genova's main shopping street. You'll find almost a full range of Serge Lutens, Annik Goutal among others. Again, well informed staff, but I don't think either shop has salespeople who speak English.
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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    While i tried acqua di genova and didn't like it (just a supermarket cologne), I recommend a visit to Farmacia del Castello. They also have a web site and sell on line. Famous scent of this brand: talco. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning a visit.
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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    I had no idea about Farmacia del Castello. I walk past it every day except on days like today when there's a sciopero and i'm trapped on the hill with no city elevators running. I'd walk down to check it out but there's another storm going on. Una violenta maregiatta, as Il Secolo reports. Hopefully we're not in for more damage...poor Genova.
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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Quote Originally Posted by Roadlawyer View Post
    Too bad I didn't see this a year ago! First of all, Genoa is no more dangerous than any other large city. Stay out of the port area and the less traveled parts of the centro storico at night and you'll be just fine. I know, cause I live here.

    Why what happens there.
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    Default Re: Genoa - Italy

    Mainly drug dealing and prostitution. It's not very likely you'll be assaulted, but since discretion is the better part of valor, it's best to stay away from areas where criminal activities are occurring. The centro storico is the largest surviving medieval center in Europe and is a must see in Genova, but, it is also dark, very dark in places. I'm quite comfortable wandering around it by myself during the day, it is one of my favorite places, but I don't tend to go there alone at night. Just doesn't make sense.

    As a personal note, I feel far safer living in Genova than I ever did living in San Francisco.
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