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    Default Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    I read many of the posts about fragrances with the Oud note, and it is clear that when someone talks about a popular oud fragrance, many people think of M7. But the problem is that M7 has that horrible medicinal blast in it. It kind of compromises the appreciation of the oud.

    So, I would like to suggest that all oud fanatics try Habit Rouge EDP. I was very surprised with the natural oud basenote that HR EDP has. It is truly good and mixes extremely well with this classic vanilla loaded fragrance. The citric topnotes are very much tamed compared with the EDC, so the EDP is a darker, creamier, woodier, more serious fragrance.

    I know that the EDP is not so easy to find and is more expensive, but believe me, it is worth the trouble. Do try it out. And if you already did, please tell us if you had the same impressions as myself...

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    Thumbs down Re: Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    that "medicinal blast" that you speak of is the oud! thats a top note, it doesnt stay very long.

    vanilla wrapped around my oud aint, & i quote "the natural oud fragrance"

    thanks, but umm no thanks!

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    Default Re: Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    But mathematics, I have two oud oils, pure oils, and they do not have the weird medicinal blast of M7. They are balsamic, sharply woody, animalic, "sweaty" and even fecal. But they are not medicinal at all.

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    Default Re: Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    the oil i have has that medicinal note, supposedly its arabian oud?

    so i tend to not remember there are others. i couldnt imagine having any other.

    it was the 1st oud i had the honor to smell, & sublime it is. i receive the most compliments

    over any alcohol based scent i've worn, so i love that smell. even embracing that

    medicinal note. p.s. i was kinda being a prick in my 1st response, thanks for not being

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    Default Re: Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    It is ok, Mathematics.
    My ouds are indian, the hindi ouds.....

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    Default Re: Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    hindi ouds are exaclty as you described billy....i am wearing one of mine now.

    the only oud note that i know of that is a little bit like that medicine note is the piney thai oud at
    it can get a bit mediciny before it mellows out nice.

    that medicine note thats like in montale ouds are no oud oil that I have ever smelled.....and i have about a dozen...from that big houses like ajmal Arabian oud ASAQ to agaraura and oriscents single origin ouds. I have tried all kinda of hindis cambodhis thai indos...none really have a medicine note....and the oud oils are so complex....

    you know what i think......someone from a perfume house like montale put some real oud on....the complex scent kept changing and one point they said this is what i want my fragrance to smell like....and they made the fragrance out of what their real oud smelled like at that exact second in time!

    whats great about ouds are so complex over the course of 12 hours it changes so should try their indian spice it is incredible! it goes from that classic hindi smell almost a cherry smell like 5 hours a cologny an awesome sweet woody drydown! its amazing!

    the closest to real oud I have smelled in a fragrance is the drydown of amouage epic jubilation XXV and duro.
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    Default Re: Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    Most FRESH natural wood oils will have some sort of topnote.

    Oudh (agarwood) is a very medicinal, shocking topnote, and a rich, resinous basenote.....when batches of Oudh age, they lose the topnote, just like perfumes losing natural-citrus topnotes over time.

    Fresh cedar oil, for example, has a camphor/menthol topnote similar to eucalyptus/etc. .....over years of aging, that camphoracaous note dissapears leaving only the dry woody essence.

    Fresh sandalwood oil will have a quickly dissipating bitter topnote. Aged sandalwood is much smoother, just straight into the smooth/spicy wood essence.

    Wood oils, when fresh, smell like everything the wood has to offer, not just basenotes.

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    Default Re: Choosing The Natural Oud Fragrance

    Really depends on the origin of the oil.
    You might find medicine, pine, camphor, COW, hay, leather, nuts, fruits... depending on the source (and grade) of the oil.

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