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    Default How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    Hello ladies! The beginning of this year has been really insanely busy over here, and I've been awol from basenotes, but now I hope to be back more regularly.

    I was window shopping at a little mall the other day and saw these little boxes of Caron Bellodgia Parfum for sale for $19 a piece. I've never tried Bellodgia, but the price was so good I had to pick it up.

    And then I was reading the (DREADED) Perfumes: The Guide and am alarmed by how much Turin pans the House of Caron for their reformulations.

    Now I want to know how to figure out if my bottle is pre-reformulation, vintage or not. Does anyone have a guide anywhere? The little box doesn't have the typical Caron polka-dots, they're these larger, sunburst shapes. And the bottle has a 345 stamped on it. I'm not sure what that means...?? Also, the list of ingredients on the box just says 'fragrance, water, alcohol" which I read somewhere is always a good sign of at least being PRE-IFRA tampering.

    Can someone help me date this? I'm not sure how I feel about Bellodgia, so if I put it on ebay, I'd like to know what it is first.

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    Default Re: How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    Well, the problem is Caron have been reformulating for a number of years now.
    I have Nuit de Noel and the box just says fragrance, water and alcohol, but it is only 8 years old I know. I bought a new bottle on ebay for a steal with the full list of ingredients which does include oakmoss marked clearly. It smells the same as the original 8 year old bottle I own.

    The Carons which Turin talks about being perfect are going back to the 60's and older even. He really lays into Caron as a brand for anything younger than this. He disses(sp) some of the urns I love which have not been reformulated as far as I know. Infact Alpona is now discontinued but was gorgeous even not vintage. I get the feeling he just does not like Caron as a brand.

    Another problem with Caron is they are not on the date sites which you can check when a bottle came out by the code number.

    Caron changing formulas is nothing really to do with the IFRA but the house themselves deciding to change and perhaps using cheaper ingredients.

    Oh I do own a 1960 bottle of Fleurs de Rocaille extract, it was sealed and the top notes are fainting but the dry down is fabulous.
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    Default Re: How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    That sounds like a steal indeed

    If you can perhaps post a photo or google an image (and post the link here) that looks like your bottle/packaging, we may have a better idea as to date etc.
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    Default Re: How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    donna, the Guide is so interesting, because it does seem as though Turin really loved the Carons and now he's ruthless about them, though I have enjoyed a lot of their perfumes in a non-vintage form, like Nocturnes (which is so effervescent!) and Infini! He writes about them like a person whose just found out his childhood heroes have become drunks and embarrassing tv personalities. Or something!

    Dimitri, I haven't any pictures of my own, but this box for Royal Bain on Amazon is similar, with the bigger sunburst designs:

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    Default Re: How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    I just saw the image you posted. Run, yes run, do not walk and by them all. I will by some form you if you would like. These are the older boxes they used during the 60's and 70's. Very nice deal, do not pass them up.
    Quand on boit l'eau, il faut penser sa source

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    Default Re: How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    Oh Brielle! Thank you. Someone who can tell me SOMETHING. I've been emailing around all day, curious! I bought all three. I opened one to check the quality inside, and it's a bit evaporated-looking, but in fine shape! The other two are still in their factory packaging! How much would they be worth normally?? I mean, I knew they had to be a deal for parfum, but I couldn't find anything selling similarly at Ebay, so I'm totally out of my league when it comes to figuring that out!

    Also, can I ask you a few questions? Would a vintage EDT of Bellodgia be worth anything? Or a vintage full-size bottle of Nocturnes de Caron extrait? She had those too and I might keep the Nocturnes for myself, but I'm totally curious now!

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    Default Re: How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    Now be careful I have seen this style of box and bottle for Bain and its new not vintage. The give away is Caron where sued by the champagne makers of France for using the name, they did the same with YSL. So Caron changed the name from Bain de Champagne to Bain de Caron in the early 00s. They sued Caron after using the name Champagne for decades. They turned on YSL first and won and then set their sights on other brands.

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    Default Re: How to tell vintage Caron (extrait)??

    The EdT of Bellodgia might sell for around 20-30 dollars on ebay, depending on size. The Nocturnes not really too sure about that one, you should get it for yourself though, I have always adored Nocturnes and feel it is so under-rated.
    So pleased you got those. there is truly nothing quite like Bellodgia extrait.
    Quand on boit l'eau, il faut penser sa source

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