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    Default Serge Lutens: What has been discontinued?

    I can't seem to find some of SL's old scents; not even on or So, what has been discontinued and when?

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens: What has been discontinued?

    Announced last week:
    Chypre Rouge
    Claire de Musc
    Douce Amere
    Miel de Bois (rumored to be going to exclusive / non-expore line instead of being discontinued)

    Besides these, the only other I am aware of is Nombre Noir. Féminité du Bois had been discontinued but has recently been re-released.
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    Default Re: Serge Lutens: What has been discontinued?

    Un important update / correction has just appeared on Perfume Shrine:

    "The discontinuations are planned for the export line only, meaning it's basically a US-discontinuation (my original source was of American interests): the four export fragrances will revert to their alma mater, Les Salons du Palais Royal, thus becoming Paris exclusives (much as Miel de Bois currently is) but the important thing is that apart from Miel de Bois, Chypre Rouge, and Douce Amère the fourth is Santal Blanc and NOT Clair de Musc! This puts a new spin on things, as Clair de Musc had us all wonder why it was getting axed. Of course in a way this last bit of news is even worse, as Santal Blanc is a seriously lovely, quite underrated fragrance and one which cannot be easily found on other price points... Luckily the discontinuations will take place at a further date (supposedly next year), so there is still time to stock up if needed." [Feb 8, 2010 - source]
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    Default Re: Serge Lutens: What has been discontinued?

    That's awesome news Narcus!

    I was getting rather down because I hadn't managed to get around to trying these SL's. Thankfully they've given me an extra 12 months to track them down.

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens: What has been discontinued?

    lol..thanks for the clarification Narcus, I just recently brought a sample vial of Clair De Musc and was startled to wonder...ZOMG! I just scored a rare and exclusive frag...though, I guess it's not anymore..oh well, atleast in my own cerebral thoughts it was for a good 10minutes!!..Ouch, Santal Blanc is being axed... gotta stock up!

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