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    Default Where to Buy Samples?

    I would like a listing of places to buy samples of women's fragrances. I know of The Perfumed Court, Muddasir here and on Crystal Flacon, and Badger Decants (for men only). I know that I could put a post in the fragrances wanted section. And, lastly, I know that some vendors list samples, but they are usually not of fragrances I want. I have tried the search function and come up with no listings - perhaps search is not working. Are there some sites I have not listed that I can go to to find women's fragrance samples for sale? Thank you for suggestions, John

    Need to add that I am looking for U.S. sources.
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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples? samples most things they carry for $3-$4. Many places like and have manufacturer's samples for sale. Also check out

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    I should have been more specific. What about Guerlains, specifically Mitsouko? Lucky Scent looks to be a small treasure! I will bookmark it right now!
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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    There is The Posh Peasant, which is a decant site like TPC.

    There are also a couple of individuals who used to sell decants on eBay who keep a list of what they have. I can't remember all their names and pages now, but I have bought samples from Helena ( before and she is wonderful.

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    If you're interested in a specific line of fragrances check out their website. They often have sample packs that are larger and nicer than what you get from the decanters. In addition to The Perfumed Court, Posh Peasant and Lucky Scent, there's Aedes de Venustas (niche), Scented Monkey (mainstream), and Rei Rien (mostly mainstream). I've ordered samples from all of these places and can vouch for their quality and service.

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    Thank you all! A very nice selection of places to look!
    Appreciate it very much, John

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    I'm new here, so hello!
    I was just wondering if there are any UK based websites / shops to get samples from?
    I look forward to any replies.

    ps BN seems like a nice place

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    Hey Boosh,

    Les Senteurs has a sample service both online and in shop.

    Czech & Speake do a sample pack of all their aromatics.

    Don't discount non-UK sites though. Luckyscent has a fantastic range and have an incredibly reasonable international sample shipping rate. A handful of samples shouldn't be charged any import VAT etc.

    First In Fragrance is a German site with, again, a great range. I think the exchange rate is a touch harsh right now, but worth keeping an eye on. No customs worries within the EU!

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    There's also Essenza Nobile in Germany as well as the excellent sites mentioned above

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    Thankyou both.
    Was looking for a sample of No. 88 by Czech & Speake, and now I've got one on its way.
    I will continue looking, thanks again.

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    Default Re: Where to Buy Samples?

    my website: LOL

    I sell decants of all the fragrances i review

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