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    Question Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    I'm sorely tempted to pull the trigger on a bottle of Amouage Lyric Woman. Luckyscent carries a 50ml flacon for $265 and a 100ml for $300 - twice the size for a fraction of the extra cost.

    From a value standpoint, the 100ml seems like the obvious buy. However, it will take me 30 years to work through a bottle that size - what are the chances the scent will have gone "off" by that time? I know Amouage is higher quality than most. Does that increase or decrease the longevity of the scent?

    Any input greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    I have a 50 ml bottle of it that I bought last August. I have worn it maybe 10 times (I have a lot of perfume and save this one for big nights, etc.) It's certainly not an office or gym scent! It's extremely rich and deep and long-lasting. When I go out I carry a little decant with me and re-apply once after 3 hours or so. (Not really necessary, but I like having the experience.) It's always there in the morning and will last through the day if I don't wash it off.

    I was tempted, too, by the big bottle -- it seemed like such a good (relatively speaking) deal. But I just couldn't bring myself to pay well over $300, with tax, for a perfume, however gorgeous. My 50 ml bottle has only gone down maybe 1/16" in all this time.

    So, unless you are going out to a ball every night, consider staying with the smaller bottle. And keep it in the dark. Any perfume can go "off" if exposed to too much light.
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    Default Re: Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    Do consider that if you get the larger bottle you can use it for decant swapping (Amouage scents are 'worth' a lot in regards to trade values.. you could easily trade 5 or 10ml of Lyric for 5 or 10ml (or more) of just about anything!).

    Lyric Woman is a strong scent. Maybe 2 sprays max. Given that you should easily get about 200 wearings per 50ml (probably more). If you wear it once a week, at that rate, it'll last 4 years or more. Once a month, 16 years. etc.
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    Default Re: Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    I have a 50 ml bottle of a different Amouage (Gold, woman) and one spray at a time is all I can handle. That is about 500 wearings. Considering I never wear it more than once per week, if that, that is at least 10 years' supply. No way would I want a larger bottle if I were not going to be trading decants unless I expected it to be discontinued or reformulated.

    And I keep the bottle in the fridge, to avoid its deteriorating in the 10+ years it will take me to use it up.

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    Default Re: Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    I have a 50 ml bottle. I think there was a greater price difference between the two when I bought it--or maybe I'm not remembering correctly.
    In any case, it is strong and long- lasting.
    I'm sort of a 50-ml gal: I wear so many different frags that I get a little anxious when I see too many big battles in my cabinet.

    As SofS says, if you are into swapping decants it may be well worthe the purchase of the bigger bottle.

    But here is another angle to consider: I took a workshop at the Osmotheque, where I learned that light and oxygen are the greatest enemies of perfume. Light, I knew about. Oxygen? It makes sense. We were told that a 1/2 full bottle will not keep the way a full bottle will keep.

    For me this this another reason to size down.
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    Default Re: Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    Thanks for the input, everyone. Kumquat actually sold me her practically-new 50ml bottle, which arrived today. So I got a break on the price for the smaller bottle, a win-win as far as I'm concerned. Can't wait to wear this beauty.

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    Default Re: Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    I should mention, as I have a couple of 100ml, that actually having an Amouage fragrance to wear with out my previous hindrance of size, has seen me going a bit of hog wild.
    Consider the possibility that you might well burn through 100 mil in one year, but most importantly, as was pointed out, if you decanted 50 ml off of it,you'd be able to score anything niche you'd like, a full bottle of Lutens for example... And there is your bang for the buck!

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    Default Re: Amouage Lyric Woman - longevity v. bottle size?

    With respect to Lyric's longevity, I find that, on my skin, its topnotes and middle are superb and HUGE, but it has nothing whatsoever resembling a drydown. Just plain weird after such a fanfare of a start!
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