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    Default The Quest for The Natural Rose

    I've tried many many rose perfumes in my short period as perfume lover. But to my nose, the rose notes in these perfumes are quite different from the real rose note. I mean, the note that you get when you smell a real rose in your garden. My garden has real roses and they have a soft, very lightly sweet, delicate smell, with the tyniest hint of something green on the background.

    But the rose note that I find in perfumes like Domenico Caraceni, Tea Rose, 88, and so many others is a very greenish rose. it is a powerful green note, as if you had extracted the sap of rose instead of the petals. Iquitos may be one exception. But it has aldehides (I think) which give a rubbery feel to the rose in it.

    So, recently I bought many shaving products for me (I began using single blades), and I bought a rose water. Rose water is a sub-product of the distillation of rose oil. It is very cheap and not many people use it anymore. But the shocking thing is, the rose water smells much more natural than the rose oil. It is delicate and smells very much like real roses.

    Have you guys ever tried rose water? Did you get the same impressions?

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    Default Re: The Quest for The Natural Rose

    the best real rose scents are ward taifi and turkish rose oil....or any real rose oils for that matter. you just cant find that quality in a perfume....except maybe in montales highness rose...which I am pretty sure is mostly rose of may rose oil....rose oil is where its at!

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    Default Re: The Quest for The Natural Rose

    I've experienced two extremely "true" rose fragrances in my life:

    Sonoma Scent Studio's Velvet Rose ( MUCH louder, but probably closer to rose water than any other fragrance I know of )

    - and equally so -

    Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose ( very real and curiously apple-tinted rose )

    Most "masculine" roses tend to modify rose with woods, spices, and green notes, and many feminines sweeten rose with gourmand and powdery elements, meaning there are very few "pure" roses on the market, at least in my experience. Also, for some reason geranium, whether listed as a note or not, has become an almost inseparable partner to rose, making it louder, greener, and tangier than it is in nature ( rose chypres tend to do this a lot, though No. 88 is probably the best known example around Basenotes, as it's more geranium than it is rose ).

    To further complicate matters, the type of rose extracts most used in many rose fragrances don't smell quite like nature either. Rose otto and and rose absolute tend to be darker, drier, and somehow flatter and heavier than the living thing to my nose. Some perfumes deliberately exaggerate this to a stunning effect - I find Serge Lutens other rose, Rose de Nuit, to be a great example of this dark, heavy, abstract style - but it's not a "living" quality.

    Roses also vary within themselves. Tea roses and moss roses almost smell like different plants, to my nose.

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    Default Re: The Quest for The Natural Rose

    From a distance, Rive Gauche (original for women) smells like sparkling roses on a bush to me. Although, like you said, it gets a rubbery (I say fishy, even) feel at first it mellows out.
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    Default Re: The Quest for The Natural Rose

    Well, I think Galamb_Borong has given his usual discerning take on the issue. I don't know those, but the idea of a masculine rose always appeals to me. I'll have to check those out.
    I agree that simple rosewater is a lovely scent.
    I wonder what the reaction to Paestum Rose by Eau D'Italie is? I remember that as being a very intriguing, non-cloying scent.

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