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    Default Six New Scents from Henri Bendel

    Cool NY store Henri Bendel just announced their new line of 6 new perfumes.

    Rose & Oud

    Always a true romantic but never a sap for heartbreak, you happily wear your heart on your sleeve. Sweet yet cautious, girly but glam, you’ll flush with blushing blooms of strawberry leaves, violet, sugary pink jasmine and a balance of oud. Go ahead – shake it up, and smell the roses…

    Gardenia & Vanilla

    Never known to show off in stilettos, your pure beauty shines through naturally. Subtle and soft, the sweet scents of peach blossoms, lily of the valley, fresh gardenia, and soothing vanilla yield the sunny hue of a walk through spring’s gilded garden.

    Persian Lime & Pepper

    Showing off comes second nature to Bendel Girls with some sass. What’s a day without a little mischief? Indulge with naughty notes of Rio red grapefruit, bold black pepper and the mysterious quality of sweet-scented basil. You’re sure to turn heads…

    Orange Blossom & Jasmine

    Sunny and funny, you light up a room even on dreary days. It’s easy to kick the blues with notes of sugary Clementine, tangy tangerine, and bouquets of Sumatra lily. It’s as if you’re toting the tropics…one delectable step at a time.

    Incense & Musk

    Balmy and beautiful, you’re at home in the sultry sands of an exotic Eden. With provocative patchouli fleur and luscious lotus blossoms in your wake, it’s easy to lose yourself in a fragrant, far away fantasy.

    Grapefruit & Vetiver

    Never judge a book by its cover. Peel back the tangy and tart layers to reveal the true you – a study of calming care. Gentle notes of cooling cypress and mellowed musk balance the punch of pink grapefruit, refreshing Meyer lemon and ooh la la orange essence.


    Annoying marketing copy aside, I'm curious about Persian Lime & Pepper and Grapefruit & Vetiver. And it makes it sound like their Rose & Oud is a fruity floral with oud?? Strawberry and oud, together at last!
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    Default Re: Six New Scents from Henri Bendel

    Some of those sound very yummy ,Rogalal - Gardenia & Vanilla, Orange Blossom & Jasmine, Incense & Musk .....
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    Default Re: Six New Scents from Henri Bendel

    Thanks for the info.....I like the new look.....Gary

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    Default Re: Six New Scents from Henri Bendel

    Thanks for the info.

    Some of these sound lovely. But strawberry leaves and oud? Color me skeptical. . . .
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    Default Re: Six New Scents from Henri Bendel

    These sound nice. Love the characterizations, lol!

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    Default Re: Six New Scents from Henri Bendel

    On friday, I went to the new henri bendel in DC hoping for a good selection of perfumes. But no, just the in-house series. The one good thing is that they provide nice colored paper strips with the fragrance name on. Those I've tested:

    Rose Oud: after an initial touch of cheap medicinal oud, a standard berry floral. Presumably, fruity florals go strong everywhere.
    Wild fig: again, after a nice fig start, it looses itself, becomes a light wyhite sweet floral (better than the berry floral, it must be said)
    Incense and musk: where the musk part is laundry musk. As it says; that is, totally uninteresting.
    Orchid and vetiver: a light, sporty chemical vetiver.

    Can we have some decent brands also in DC?


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