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    Lightbulb where do my reviews go?

    Dear all,

    I am a plain member of basenotes for quite some time now (approx 2-3 years I think).
    Somehow, maybe because I am not paying subscription, I am still tagged as "new member" which to tell you the truth doesn’t bother me that much. What bothers me is that my fragrance reviews are never published! It has been some time now that this is happening and whenever I tried to establish some communication and inquire about it, I never really got a response. I take care of the language I use in my reviews not to be offensive and just state if I like a fragrance or not and why. Well no matter what my reviews get basically lost.
    I wonder if this happens to other basenoters who happen not to be paying members. Maybe I am wrong and it is my fault that my reviews don't get published... but honestly I don't know how would that be.

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    Default Re: where do my reviews go?

    Well, I now realised that maybe the problem is of technical nature. It seems that at a certain point, maybe when I changed my email address, my profile changed as well, and my pervious previews are not registered in my profile anymore. My older reviews (14) do exist but a couple that I have sent after I changed my email address are not published. Still I am registered as a new member and my reviews are 0!

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    Default Re: where do my reviews go?

    Here you are:

    The reviews system isnt fully integrated into the new vbulletin yet - plus I've a backlog of reviews to get through. They will turn up though

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    Default Re: where do my reviews go?

    Thank you

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