I've had a number of fragrances sitting on my "wanted" list for a while that are fairly expensive and/or relatively difficult to obtain for one reason or another. So, while I'm waiting around for somebody to offer them to me in a swap, I'd love to hear your reviews of the following:

Homage Attar, Tribute Attar, Reflection Man (Amouage)
Arancia e Cannella (i Profumi di Firenze)
Ambre Nuit, Cologne Blanche (Christian Dior)
Dark Amber & Ginger Lily (Jo Malone)
Douce Amère (Serge Lutens)
Feuille Verte (Creed)
Full Choke (Francesco Smalto)
Genghis Khan (Marc de la Morandiere)
Ivy League (Domenico Caraceni)
Li Altarelli (Stephanie de Saint-Aignan)
Metropolis (Estée Lauder)
Tuscany per Uomo Forte (Aramis)

Thank you.

- Brad