Ok Guys,

They do this over on the Female Forum, and being the total data guy that I am I've always thought it was cool. What were your most worn fragrances in January. Here is mine (by number of applications - not days). I got a lot of decants in January and therefore did a lot of sampling.

L'eau Par Kenzo 7
Bvlgari Aqva 6
L'eau d'Issey 6
Gendarme 4
Ineke Derring-Do 3
212 Men 2
Antidote 2
Green Irish Tweed 2
Versace PH 2
Cool Water 1
Gucci Envy 1
Himalaya 1
Mugler Cologne 1
Rive Gauche 1
Solo Loewe 1
Paco XS 1