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    Default fragerences at costco~!

    I stepped into costco and saw women's perfume on display. I was actually surprised they had designer brand perfume like D&G, angel's, juicy coutour etc. And what i was really surprised was the price. For a 3.4 fl oz it was $22. And for men's it was $11~!!!!!!!!!!! The bad part for men was that they only had one fragrence which was dirty english by juicy coutour. For women's there was a more brands to choose from. But nonetheless try out dirty english, or stack up on it if u like. All the bottles were 3.4 and was either $22 for womens and $11 for men. I saw women's perfume by the entrance and men's and women's by the drug center. and i checked if they were fake or not, and they are real. Hopefully in the future they can add more colognes

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    Default Re: fragerences at costco~!

    I haven't been to Costco in ages. But I do remember that they occasionally sell fragrances. I bought my first designer scent there (Cool Water) at least 15 years ago. Good to know they still have good deals.

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    Default Re: fragerences at costco~!

    I'm surprised even Walmart is carrying some.

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    Default Re: fragerences at costco~!

    Costco's website carries a small selection of Creed, as well. As with their stores the website is members only.

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    Default Re: fragerences at costco~!

    Our local Costco only has "women's" fragrances. Down from a fairly good selection last summer at $49.00 for any bottle to a smallish selection of 'take your pick' of Marc Jacobs, True Religion and Nina Ricci, your choice for $19.95. No 'men's' frags this winter. I suspect the men's choices didn't sell enough last year to warrant a return to this particular store. Costco does market and price differently to different stores
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    Default Re: fragerences at costco~!

    The last time I was at our local Costco I only saw women's CK fragrances, kind of a let down.

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    Default Re: fragerences at costco~!

    Local Costco only sells a few women fragrances. Costco Online sells Creed at high prices.

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    Default Re: fragerences at costco~!

    Perfume is just another mass-marketed, mass-produced commodity, like anything else. Why shouldn't Costco sell it? Part of what makes Costco a fascinating place to shop is how they apply their purchasing principles to everything, from Italian cold-pressed estate olive oil to toilet paper to duct tape to French Champagne to diamond earrings to soft drinks. They strip away the middlemen and keep all the retailing costs to an absolute minimum, and present it to the consumer, at the lowest price they can, with no mystique or magic to it.

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