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    Default Nose/sillage problems.

    Hi guys, Anthony here.

    At the moment I'm wearing A*Men and A*Men Pure malt as its SOO cold... I'm kind of in a dilemma at the moment...either its a common problem or just me.

    The initial burst of the two fragrances are clear... and I can smell it. After 15mins, I believe its just my nose suffering from the burst of fragrance.

    For the next couple of hours, I can smell hints of the fragrance, reminding myself I actually did apply this fragrance. However the drydown of the fragrances, which I enjoy the MOST. I do not smell this anymore during the day... is this normal?

    Is it me or does the basenotes of a fragrance lose sillage? Or is it just your nose suffering from fatigue? Or is my nose just dieing?

    Thanks for the help!


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    Default Re: Nose/sillage problems.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antonton View Post
    Is it me or does the basenotes of a fragrance lose sillage? Or is it just your nose suffering from fatigue? Or is my nose just dieing?
    You've nailed it. Of course everyone is unique so this varies, but olfactory fatigue is common. I personally have this problem with Terre d'Hermes. After the mid notes burn off after a few hours I can hardly smell it. However, I have received compliments 8+ hours after spraying. Some people overcompensate by over applying... you'll find these people are fairly easy to identify. Just look for the cloud of mist following them around. You don't want to be one of them. Edit: case in point, just posted today.

    Also, the basenotes of a fragrance are composed of heavier molecules. As such they are "slow", thus the last to make the journey to your nose. Sillage is composed of relatively large amounts of perfume dissipating quickly, something which many basenote chemicals just are not physically capable of.
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    Default Re: Nose/sillage problems.

    I see. So to really enjoy my A* Men dry down, I have to sniff up close to my wrists, while others may be able to get a hint of the wonderful drydown?

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