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    Question The Pantheon of Fragrance.

    What fragrance best matches the personality and reputation of the goddess Athena vs. Aphrodite? Hermes vs Apollo? Mythology and fragrance can be illuminating. The gods await your reply mortals.
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    Default Re: The Pantheon of Fragrance.

    Nice question.

    Athena was virginal yet a warrioress. Admantine and sometimes ruthless. My choice for her would be something cool and yet which projects strength. Cristalle or Diorella come to mind here, especially Cristalle.

    Aphrodite was not virginal, of course, and she could be wily and deceptive. Unlike Athena, she was cowed in the face of battle. But, like Athena, she could be tough in her own way. For her I'd choose L'Heure Bleue or Bal a Versailles.

    Hermes was a prankster of the highest order and lover of hijinks. As messenger of the gods, he'd wear something versatile and subtle, such as Chanel Eau de Cologne or a good cologne from Guerlain.

    Apollo was not just the god of poetry but also of healing and disease. Pythian Apollo and Sminthian Apollo, all in one. He'd either wear something ethereally poetic or something skinky skank. Each is possible. Guerlain Apres l'Ondee or Serge's Muscs Koublaï Khän.

    Fun question N_Tesla. Which fragrances would you choose?

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    Default Re: The Pantheon of Fragrance.

    I think of greek gods /goddesses - I think ambrosia - food of the gods. Something divine in smell perhaps Divine by Divine as a general perfume scent.
    ** So I got thinking - maybe honey too - which is an ambrosial food and a great scent note- Botrytis by Ginestet .
    Liquor and honey - Frapin 1270
    Fruits - Arabie.
    Getting carried away and hungry now, D .
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    Default Re: The Pantheon of Fragrance.

    Aphrodite - Diva Ungaro --I mean, she probably actually, honestly made this for herself, right? And somehow channeled it to a mortal (Polge)...

    Athena - Jubilation by Amouage. Perfection, sensibility, and wisdom... in the form of perfume.

    Hermes - Eau Sauvage (pre-reform) -- the epitome of efficiency and the most distilled form of refinement .. perfect for him!

    Apollo - Amoaage Dia Pour Homme -- what else???
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