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Thread: Bandit musings

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    So Bandit edp is a galbanum bomb on me. It is close to Cabochard, but more potent and more elegant actually. But my main thought is that this is a dark twin of Chanel 19. Like Guerlain Vetiver is to Encre Noire as No. 19 is to Bandit if that makes sense. Any thoughts?
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    Agreed, on just about every level. Sure, it's a leather, but on me it's an uber green -- and more glistening, elegant -- Cabochard.
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    To me, Bandit is all about green and not about leather, but then, like many "leather" fragrances, I smell soap where the leather is supposed to be. I definitely agree that it's a GREEN chypre though - lots of galbanum!

    To my nose, Bandit is a lot closer to the original Coty Chypre than the more oft-cited Mitsouko. Bandit is darker and more moody than Chypre, but both have a bright crisp green tang.

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    Dirty old leather and booze. Then very dry powder, weird flowers, booze, and leather. I'm so lemming a bottle of Bandit right now it's not even funny.
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    I wore a sample today and got almost no leather and definitely not the dreaded wet ashtray accord. It was just a hauntingly beautiful dark green. I originally felt like there would be no need for Bandit since I already had both 19 and Cabochard, but oh boy am I craving more of this.
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    Default Re: Bandit musings

    There are two versions, other than the original. One is more floral, the last one more "green". Not all Bandits are alike.
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    Alas, that Bandit has been reformulated...this was supposedly inspired by the parfumeuse's love of body scents.

    So much is lost with reformulation...for instance, how can you have Piguet's Cravache (riding drop) and then remove the leather notes? Bamboo stick, anyone?
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    I love Bandit too (edp) and every time I wear it, I wonder what does the vintage smell like? There's something sweet and bubble gum smelling in there... what is it?
    (seems like vintage L'origan was made just for me)

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