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    Default Fragrance Compounder Position available.

    Hi Everyone,

    while searching the web for a new job I ran across a company in the NYC metro area that is looking for a fragrance compounder. So for all of you budding perfumers wanting to get a foot in the door here is your opportunity.

    The information for the job can be found by searching "fragrance compounder" on the Lab Support job search page.

    The job description is as follows:

    "Job Description

    Responsible for the batching of new fragrance formulations to support in house perfumers in a fast paced laboratory.

    Responsible for working on special development projects at the bench level for customer presentation off site and in house customer evaluation.

    Some application testing and fragrance evaluation may be required.

    Required skills:

    The ideal candidate must have experience from the Fragrance Industry.

    Must be proficient in fragrance compounding techniques and knowledgeable of raw materials and bases.

    The individual must be neat, well organized with a bright positive attitude. "
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