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    Question Vintage Dana Tabu - Rootbeer notes?

    Does anyone else get a rootbeer note from the vintage tabu?

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    Default Re: Vintage Dana Tabu - Rootbeer notes?


    Also get rootbeer/cola from vintage Bal a Versailles extrait. I think it is from natural castoreum, which can smell sweet and rooty.

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    Default Re: Vintage Dana Tabu - Rootbeer notes?

    Ok, I'm glad to hear that. I've had the bottle for a while now and just tried it for the first time. I also took sleeping meds before I tried it on and thought maybe I was just imagining things because of the meds.

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    This was my Mom's favorite scent back in the day, She's 73 now and still wears it sometimes. She wears it well

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    Default Re: Vintage Dana Tabu - Rootbeer notes?

    Yeah I definitely get some too, I wish it the reformulation wasn't so cheap
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