Capucci's Yendi is a scent that I adore. It fascinates me because it is one of the few that I've run across that is both green and warm, challenging the stereotype of green as bitter/chilly/refreshing.

I've worn Yendi in various concentrations over the years. Currently working my way through a bottle of the edt and a half oz. of the pure parfum, both purchased about 12 years ago. I learned a while back that wearing the two together did not necessarily result in a more intense experience of the same scent - it was more like wearing two complementary, related, but separate fragrances. Some perfumes are like that, others are not. Another with that same quality in a pronounced way was Antilope in the extrait.

Anyway, I digress. The extrait, oh man, the extrait. It lacks the grassiness that the edt can have, although that is one of the edt's charms. Yendi in pure parfum wears like ignited malachite. Spicy but not foody - incensy but not churchy, brings to mind Dioressence before Dior neutered it. A little bit of an evergreen or camphor vibe, the way Imprevu by Coty had. But an subtle, charged heat etching its way through all the stages is what stands out the most. Imagine a banked fire in a world where embers glow green and not red - that's the image Yendi extrait brings to mind for me.

I think Capucci is a house that could use a do-over in the manner that has benefitted Piguet and Lubin. Some intelligent managing to re-introduce old favorites with integrity, some new fragrances carrying the tradition on into the future......we can always hope.