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    Default Creed Chevrefeuille Original

    Hi all --

    Tried a little sample of this recently and was very impressed. It was given to me by a female friend who found it too uncomfortably masculine for her to wear. The initial sweet, flowery notes nestle into a comfortable green, spicey melange that feels distinctly manly and old-world (well, to me at least). Would love to have some knowledgeable opinions.


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    In grade school (I must have been about ten) we used to run to the far end of the field during recess. The fences where overgrown with honeysuckle and we would while away the morning, plucking the flowers and sipping out the necter.
    When I smell my sample of Creed Chevrefeuille Original I am immediately transported to that time. The familiar fragrance of honeysuckle is immediately apparent at the beginning before settling down to a comfortable green base that manages to stay vibrant throughout the duration of the fragrance; just like those green fields that remain vibrant and green and dewy in my memories. Those memories still, to this day, evoke a child-like sense of innocence and wonder.

    I just now convinced myself to buy a bottle.
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    Default Re: Creed Chevrefeuille Original

    It's dreamy and beautiful, like many of Creed's old-school line. Buy it.

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