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    Default Now I must buy a bottle of Amazone...

    Couture houses, including Dior, are finding inspiration in the female dandy of the 19th century! Not for work wear, but it looks great on the runway...

    This emancipated woman mirrored her masculine counterpart in the pursuit of pleasure. She made no secret of claiming her emancipation much like the garconnes of the 1920s, with their tobacco and leather scents, boy-cropped hair and willingness to express themselves outside the domesticity of the home. The 19th century saw women on horseback (as they had done for many centuries) appropriate male dress as they left their lavender-scented closets, boudoirs and nurseries for the parks of Europe and the hunting field. The female rider was an amazone.

    Some scents recall this iconic proto-feminist: Amazone by Hermes recalls the dashing equestrienne of Victorian times who had no problem saddling up and riding neck-and-neck with her man, husband or otherwise. She left men breathless and was an erotic ideal. The great courtesans of the 19th century (sex goddesses of their day) advertised their charms in the tightest of riding habits, faces under coquettish top hats with floating green veils trailing in their wake as they rode. Hermes had their start as saddle and harness makers to the rich and famous in the 1830s, and anyone who *was* anyone had tack from the Hermes' Parisian workshop.

    Here you can see the equestrienne-inspired clothing with the habit rouge, the red riding habit worn by men and women.
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    Default Re: Now I must buy a bottle of Amazone...


    That was awesome! Thank you for sharing that, and I DO think AMAZONE, the fragrance fits the bill. Really well.

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    Default Re: Now I must buy a bottle of Amazone...

    I found vintage Amazone EdP and EdT testers last summer for 5 € each!

    Very elegant and understated scent, must wear it in the near future.
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    Default Re: Now I must buy a bottle of Amazone...

    I used this today to fortify myself for the rounds of visits we do every Chinese New Year. It was the parfum version that came out in the rust orange box with swirling leaves. Here's a small detail of the image by Hilton Mc Connico used to promote it:-

    To me it has a strong fermented fruity note. The edt in the maroon box has a zingy passionfruit note among the green. I probably am the only person in the world to whom it smells this way.
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    Default Re: Now I must buy a bottle of Amazone...

    This was my signature scent for a while, back in the day when I had such a bizzare thing ! When I went to replace it, it was dicontinued. I bought the Eau Fraiche which was a totally different scent and a real scrubber. I have been trying to hunt down a bottle of the EDP since with no luck as it goes for silly prices on UK ebay.

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    Default Re: Now I must buy a bottle of Amazone...

    ZOMFG i guess fashion is a lascivious beast!!
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