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    Talking I've been thinking about Yerbamate...

    Hey guys,

    A few months ago a very generous BNer included a sample vial of Lorenzo Villoresi Yerbamate with the bottle I had purchased from him. Now at the time, I did not think that this would turn out to be anything special. I was pretty ho-hum about Uomo from the same house. It didn't come across as anything I would like from the reviews. Cut grass and hay ? That seems lame and boring .

    But after my first testing and a couple of SotD's later, I really have taken a liking to Yerbamate ! Actually, I liked it right from the start, although the opening notes are somewhat offputting to me, actually . But as soon as those opening notes settle, I just get a wonderful accord. And this accord seems to change a bit during the next 7 hours or so, but whatever way it tweaks, it is good.

    I'm not even sure why I like it or what to describe what I am smelling. I don't know what Yerba Mate tea is or have never drank it. I don't even know if this fragrances is suppose to be alluding to that tea or not. I just like what I smell !

    The one downside being is that Yerbamate is a powdery fragrance. I don't know if that was necessary for this fragrance to achieve what it has, but I will have to accept it. I just feel too many masculines have a powdery texture to them (at the moment). It may prevent me from going full bottle, although the price is steep for me as well ( $130 for 100 ml !....).

    Still, a good fragrance is a good fragrances.

    I would love to hear anyone else's opinion of Yerbamate. Seems to be never mentioned when recommendations are being sought after. Any lover or haters of this Villoresi creation ?

    Thanks !
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    Default Re: I've been thinking about Yerbamate...

    I don't mind powdery fragrances, but this one was wayyyy too much for me.
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    Default Re: I've been thinking about Yerbamate...

    it is like the tea and in some south american countries there is a yellow yerbamate based cola called Inca Cola.

    The LV is amazing but I am put off by yerbamate for some reason I have always felt uncomfortable with it.

    If you look out for in on ebay you'll get it for a lot less it often sells at a good price.
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    Default Re: I've been thinking about Yerbamate...

    I like Yerbamate a lot. It was the first Villoresi I bought along with Spezie. The powder isn't a problem for me, as I like powdery frags. $130 for 100ml isn't bad compared to what some other niche houses are charging for their products!
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    Default Re: I've been thinking about Yerbamate...

    Yerbamate comes across as a bit feminine (at least on my skin). I do like several of the other LV frags though. Spezie is nice, as is Piper nigrum. I really love Uomo. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

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    Default Re: I've been thinking about Yerbamate...

    I love my Yerb! To me it's a feelgood or even a feelbetter scent. The top notes are uplifting, the drydown soothing. It has it all: fresh, lush greenness, aromatic medicine-like quality and powdery base.
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    Default Re: I've been thinking about Yerbamate...

    Yerbamate was my first LV purchase and I still really love it. It smells like an odd combination of grass, hay, and powder, as others have mentioned but there are also some weedy smelling flowers in there as well as hint of smoke. I really don't know any other fragrance I could offer up as a point of comparison. I don't find it particularly masculine or feminine. It smells to me like a field that has been miraculously transformed into talc.

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