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    Default Waiting on Montale, Amouage

    Anyone know if there is a way to track your order from Amouage or Montale? I ordered directly from them, and I have been waiting for about a week. I live in Denver, and there was an epic snow storm on the US eastern seaboard this week, so I understand the delay.

    When Amouage or Montale ship directly to the US, do they use USPS, UPS, or Fedex? I appreciate any info someone can give me.

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    Default Re: Waiting on Montale, Amouage

    It takes about 13 days for Montale to reach Georgia. They are very reliable.

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    Default Re: Waiting on Montale, Amouage

    Can't speak for Amouage. When I ordered directly from Montale they used Colissimo International from the French Postal Service and it took almost three weeks.

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    Default Re: Waiting on Montale, Amouage

    Previously Montale, Paris used to use DHL to send their fragrances.
    This time however, just over a month ago when I got a bottle of Black Aoud from them, they used their local French Post.

    It seems Montale is trying to cut its costs by using a much cheaper post carrier and also by being stingy with samples.
    I had requested a bunch of samples from them and they said, they can only send 2 samples with every order.

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