Collection: L'Olfactive Bar

"These perfumes or olfactory compositions are stamped with a number corresponding to their day of birth. Olfactive 122, the 122nd day of this year, i.e. 2nd May 2007; Olfactive 127, the 127th day of this year, i.e. 7th May 2007; Olfactive 129, the 129th day
of this year, i.e. 9th May 2007. The noses created these olfactory compositions around three moments. Three sprays - evocations to let your imagination wander and tell your own story..."

L'Olfactive 122
Year: 2007
Formulation: Natural spray
Description: Citrus, floral and fruity… a spray as delightfully intoxicating as spring air.
In such a good mood this morning... Olfactive 122... a spray evoking a morning in the countryside at Sainte-Elle near the Loire Valley châteaux in France.
"The sun has not yet risen, on this Saturday morning. It is spring time, the month of May is around the corner and nights are still a little chilly. Everyone is asleep. She walks alone in the garden, no noise around, only the whispering of awakening nature. A delicate mist hovers over the pond. A cashmere sweater is draped casually around the neck. She should have put on boots, her ballerinas are now wet with dew. The first rosebuds appear, still colorless. The dog rolls in the grass, whiskers of grass on its nose. The gardener must have mowed the lawn yesterday. Waiting for the sun to rise above the birch woods, she walks on the paved terrace. She looks into the distance; everything looks green…except the barely blue sky. The flower beds will look great in few weeks time. If only the sweet peas could blossom as beautifully on their trellis as they did last year! Anyway…she will go back home, happy and serene with the feeling of the sweet, fresh and intoxicating pureness of Nature. A cup of Russian tea, a piece of pink grapefruit and... maybe, going back out again..."

Top Notes: pink grapefruit, apple, tangerine
Heart Notes: rose, peony, ozonic note, freesia
Base Notes: sandalwood, musk

L'Olfactive 127
Year: 2007
Formulation: Natural spray
Description: Floral, fruity and fresh… a spray as sensual as a tattoo.
A tattooed flower for this afternoon... Olfactive 127... a spray evoking an afternoon nap at Sainte-Cécile-les-Vignes, a haven of peace in the south of France.
"Just a linen sheet on the bed, taking your time, it is too hot outside, the slatted blinds filter the sun, a tiny ray of light pierces the room and sparkles on her skin. She still has the taste of apricot sorbet with a hint of tangerine on her lips. The dressing gown on the chair is still scented with her favorite musk. The blue bottle of orange flower water! She sprinkles it on a cotton cambric hanky, delicately caressing the nape of her neck with it. The giggling of children echoes in the summery afternoon air; crickets serenade her siesta in the shade of a mulberry-plane tree. In their big wet glass, jasmine ice cubes, like tiny diamonds, are tinkling together. Nothing disturbs the silence of the shade..."

Top Notes: tangerine, leaf note, green apple
Heart Notes: rose, lily of the valley, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang ylang
Base Notes: musk, sandalwood

L'Olfactive 129
Year: 2007
Formulation: Natural spray
Description: Oriental, woody and floral… a spray as sweet as desire.
Tonight at the other end of the world... Olfactive 129... a spray evoking a summer’s evening on the Sainte Barbe Hill in the French Basque Country.
"He has been waiting for her, she would certainly be late, but on a summer’s evening, everything can be forgiven… The backwash of the water at the foot of the villa brings peaceful tranquility to the mauve evening sky... He can hear the sound of her voice upstairs... Here she is, her fragrance announcing her presence. Her colorful dress is floating and presses against her skin while she moves. An amber scented memory exudes from her shoulders: she is radiant! And laughing, enveloped in an unknown scent. He catches his breath. What is this new perfume? How can she turn the night upside down like this! She starts to laugh again, an elegant and crystalline laugh disconcerting him even more. The nape of her neck is playing with the moonlight... Beautiful to die for... Sumptuous waves of provocative yet terribly refined Ylang-ylang honey engulf him… Someone opens a door. They are alone on the terrace, he shuts his eyes, this perfume is hers, and hers alone. While breathing it in, it becomes his too..."

Top Notes:bergamot, tangerine, orange
Heart Notes: ylang ylang, tuberose, honey, pepper
Base Notes: vanilla, amber, patchouli