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    Default Crepe de Chine stuck stopper

    I decided to plunge into the world of vintage perfume without really knowing what I was doing, but among the odds and ends of various bottles ended up with a 4 oz bottle of Crepe de Chine with box. Of course it has a stuck glass stopper so I can't try it out. I'll be trying the alcohol and hot oil advice I read here and hopefully it will come out eventually. I would hate to think that I have this supposedly wonderful perfume that I can't ever try.

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    Default Re: Crepe de Chine stuck stopper

    #1 Hold the bottle upside down. Sometimes the cologne inside will seep just enough to loosen things up.
    No Go?
    #2 Put the bottle in the fridge for 30 minutes
    No Go?
    #3 Apply a wet paper towel microwaved to the neck
    No Go?
    #4 Apply the microwaved paper towel to the neck AND put a icecube in a paper towel on the stopper
    No go?
    #5 Find a french sabattier or wine server with a champagne sword.
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