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    Default Your own paradigm-changing perfume?

    I'm referring to this situation. Say you've been an apprentice Perfumista for a year or so. You can tell your Orientals from your Florientals. You have a respectable wardrobe of 10-30 scents or so. You have even found some that you really like, and put those in a regular rotation.

    One day, you smelled something new. You love it so much, you bought a full bottle. You started wearing it. A LOT.

    Then one or two weeks later, you try to wear some of your old favorites. You still like some of them. But unfortunately, you also find that you're starting to dislike some of your old faves, and about half of your frag wardrobe.

    Now half of my wardrobe feels like I've only been hearing a violin played on a synthetizer organ, and then I finally heard Nigel Kennedy play a Stradivarius, and now I can't go back to hearing that synth violin anymore.

    I'm asking other BNers because think this happened to me recently. The frag? The modern Mitsouko EDP. What's your paradigm-changing frag?
    Eg frags on rotation that I still like: Coco, Dior Homme, L'instant Magic, Prada IdI.

    Frags I used to like but am dropping from rotation: Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT, L'instant Guerlain pH, Nautica Voyage, YSL La Nuit de L'Homme
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    Default Re: Your own paradigm-changing perfume?

    This happened to me in 2006, I was happy as a clam with my Versace The Dreamer until I found a bottle of Serge Lutens Arabie discounted on line for $75. I recalled hearing that Lutens was considered quite unique. I bought it blind and after my first wearing, I realized that I found my new LSD. I gave my bottle of The Dreamer away, joined Basenotes and realized that Perfumery is one f*cking amazing art form.
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    Default Re: Your own paradigm-changing perfume?

    Recently, I've found myself thinking more about the "naturalness" of the ingredients. And I can now sense (and dislike) what I think Luca Turin has called the "screechy woody amber drydown," which of course is very common in "men's" frags. I also find my sensitivity changes back and forth, from being quite sensitive (and hence, unable to deal with the stronger frags) to not minding stronger ones. I can't think of one particular frag that has had a huge impact, though.

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