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    Talking I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    Ok, a little back story. L'Homme was the second to last bottle I purchased before finding BN. It was, I believe a birthday present that I picked out for my parents to purchase me. Needless to say, after a few wears I fell out of love, and eventually grew to hate it, and that's where I stand today. Unlike many on BN, despite my penchant for online purchases and even foreign online purchases, I still don't feel comfortable, for whatever reason, shipping anything really. So every fragrance I've ever owned, I still do, except for Cool Water which I gave to a friend. So there L'Homme sat, until my brother discovered it, and it has become his favorite fragrance.

    My brother, lacking many of the common sense genes that the rest of my family has, doesn't seem to clearly grasp the "understated" angle with regards to fragrance. Here's a quick example. I have my back to my fragrances, playing video games, and he goes "I want to get all the chicks at work, what's the strongest cologne you have?" I reply, "I don't care what you wear, just pick something", so he goes "I like this one", picks up whatever it was and begins to spray... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 times! Then it hits me like a paddle to the face, he had sprayed 10 sprays of Ambre Gris, which to those that have smelled it is pretty scary stuff. I warn him that what he just did was incredibly stupid, and he starts whining that he can taste it. This is pretty much our day to day procedure.

    About a week ago, I start smelling L'Homme constantly in my room, like 100% of the time, the bottle is about 40% full, which I find quite surprising, just because it's the big bottle and I've never used up that much of a fragrance before, so it comes as a shock that he has stuck with it long enough to use that much, but I think nothing of the constant grating ginger notes just bombarding my sinuses. Until last night, when I ask him how much of that crap does he use, the whole room reeks of it. And he simply replies "Oh it's leaking". What? "Oh yea it's leaking." "Then why the hell is it sitting out on the dresser smelling up my room!" It's still there by the way, I'm at a loss for what to do. He likes it, he won't spend his "own" money on a fragrance, and I'm certainly not putting it back in my fragrance drawer to leak in there. So it just sits there, and my room, continues to smell like synthetic ginger. Oh well.

    I don't really know what I'm looking for in starting a thread, I just wanted to share the story.
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    Default Re: I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    I'm so happy my brothers are normal! As for dealing with your eccentric bro, let's fix the problems in order.

    1. the leak: store the bottle in a ziploc bag and get a new empty bottle to decant the contents.

    2. the excessive spraying: after he lost his sense of taste, he learned his lesson. Teach him maximum number of sprays for each scent, and emphasize the concept of "cologne guy".

    3. the brother: the world would be boring if it weren't for eccentric people. I'm sure he has redeeming qualities!
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    Default Re: I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    this was kind of funny ...btw., 10 sprays of anything, and I mean anything is simply too much...

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    Default Re: I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    lol, that's funny but how did the bottle of L'Homme leak... was there some sort of crack or did the sprayer come off? But yeah... if I was you I'd just buy him the biggest bottle of L'Homme you can find and tell him once he's finished with it he can buy his own L'Homme from now on!

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    Default Re: I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    Thanks for sharing and I can only concur that YSL L'Homme is one of the frags most easy to over-apply, even at small quantities and a very limited number of sprays

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    Default Re: I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    My bottle of L'Homme is a bit leaky also-- there's a spot where the bezel around the spray mechanism leaks if you turn it on its side. The odd thing is that I also bought a limited edition bottle of L'Homme (the one that looks like a test tube--or dong that sits upside down in the screw base) and strangely, it has no problems with leakage at all.

    I don't find L'Homme to be extremely potent-- it's just about right to me, but then again, I like it!

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    Default Re: I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    Yep, very strong stuff. I got 100% turned off on all YSL when an acquaintance started bathing in this. Fortunately I'm no longer acquainted with that guy, and I'm now getting back around to giving YSL fragrances a chance.

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    Default Re: I never knew YSL L'Homme was that strong!

    I've always been a fan of L'Homme but was disappointed with the sillage and longevity...not anymore...a few days ago I broke both my L"Homme shower gel caps. Problem was that I only had an empty 100ml toner bottle to decant 200ml worth of shower gel. So I used a very liberal amount of shower gel that day and layered with the EDT, produced one of the best longevity I have ever gotten out of L'Homme. Sillage was much better than usual too.
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