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    Default sandalwood ~ cedar

    I sampled Tam Dao today, and I think it could become my new holy grail.
    Before that, it was Hinoki, but I was tired of the turpentine.
    Is there a fragrance similar to Tam Dao (cedar*sandalwood), but stronger?
    I also love Santalum (Profumum) but it is very expensive...
    Thank you guys!

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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    The only cheaper alternative I could think of is Etro Sandalo, and perhaps maybe even Cartier Santos.

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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    I didn't try Etro Sandalo, but I know Santos.
    I really can't imagine any similitude?!?

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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    try the art of shavings sandalwood
    it maybe your thing, it has a licorice burberry london smell to it, but high quality.
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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    Have you ever tried anything from the Comme des Garçons incense series? Kyoto might be a good choice. Clean wood with a dash of incense.

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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    Kyoto is nice, but it is also very weak.
    I prefer Tam Dao.
    In the CdG collection, I love Hinoki, but I'm tired of the turpentine note.
    The Art of Shaving Sandalwood, is it very similar to Tam Dao? I see there is a vanilla note...
    I don't know what I like in Tam Dao, the cedar or the sandalwood?
    Or the blending of both?

    Is there a place to sample AOS?

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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    Try Lonestar Memories by Andy Tauer
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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    I think Fille en Aiguilles belongs here--somewhere in the cedar-sandalwood spectrum. Where that characteristic veers into turpentine is a difficult call for me. But FeA's drydown seems related to the scent of sandalwood essential oil (to my nose).

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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    I found Burberry Brit Gold to be similar to the Etro one, but I'm not a big fan of these, so keep that in mind. The only dry woody/incense that I like these days (though rarely) is Celine Fever.

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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    You could try Azzaro Visit for Men. I don't think it contains sandalwood, but it does smell somewhat similar to Tam Dao. It's basically heavy cedar with some spices and a bit of incense. Not expensive, either.
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    Default Re: sandalwood ~ cedar

    If you like Tam Dao, just juice up! No need to find a substitute. I use to love it until a girl told me I smelled like a hamster cage. Mentally, I had to give it a rest due to the association. Hinoki is still a fav of mine and the mention of Fille en Aiguilles is an excellent idea. Tam Dao is great and I'm awaiting the day I can return to it.
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