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    Default Naturals only: metallic accord

    Im wondering if anyone has any tips with regard to constructing a metallic accord (using naturals only).
    I have only one thing in mind at this point, and that is the slightly brassy feeling frankincense oil furnishes... but it needs more...
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Naturals only: metallic accord

    There's something about the cymbopogon family that always had a slight tinny quality to my nose, especially lemongrass and gingergrass.

    Myrrh - not the opoponax variety - has always had a sharp, slightly synthetic and rubbery quality to my nose. Not sure if this would be helpful, but it's one of the less "natural" smelling naturals, to my nose, and might be good for amplifying a synthetic quality.

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    Default Re: Naturals only: metallic accord

    Try this simple blend; it has a very metallic diffusion to me:

    10 parts carrot seed
    4 parts coriander seed
    3 parts elemi

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    Default Re: Naturals only: metallic accord

    Gingergrass could work to fatten up and smooth a metallic accord.

    Here are a variety of notes that have metallic facets to them

    top notes:
    cedar leaf (metallic, extremely aromatic, slightly 'green' in aroma)

    lime steam distilled (more metallic smelling than the cold pressed, in my experience)

    ho wood or rosewood (both very linalool heavy)

    elemi (peppery, lemony frankincense top note)

    white spruce (less tree-like than the others)

    black spruce (more of a flinty/stone note, combine with pepper, capsicum oil, or cepes absolute to enhance the mineralic effect)


    some cheaper rose ottos (rosa gallica, some russian extractions, etc. These smell less like rose and are more metallic. Can have unpleasant top notes though that need to be masked with something strongly aromatic like cedar leaf or white spruce)

    helichrysum oil, not the absolute (more haylike/white musky but could be seen as metallic)

    ylang absolute (can be used to round off a blend, sort of minty/floral/white smelling. Much more minty smelling than any of the oil extractions. Use extreeemely small amounts)

    juniper berry/juniper SC02 (the regular oil is a bit 'dirtier' but has more of a berry like presence to it than the SC02 extraction)

    base notes:


    opoponax (more 'white musky' to my nose in the latter stages of the drydown but can augment a metallic accord)

    capsicum oil (more peppery/flinty, can create a pepper like base note)
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    Default Re: Naturals only: metallic accord

    Thank you for your responses people... I am going to have to start formulating and experimenting based on your suggestions!

    All the best!

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    Default Re: Naturals only: metallic accord

    Try some poorly refined cassis/blackcurrant oil : it gives off a fruity-metallic aroma. Two birds with one for 'natural + a modern synthetic effect !

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    Default Re: Naturals only: metallic accord

    Thank you zztop - if I come across the EO, I will be sure to give it a try.
    Great recommendations everyone. Thank you again!

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