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    Default How bad (or good) is the super-cheapo Cuba Orange ?

    I had CO then swapped it off, because I concluded that is was an inferior version of Rochas Lui (and also similar to Dunhill Desire; the men's, "red"). However, I decided to grab a 35 ml bottle recently when I put together an order at an online frag store. Well, I now think it's a decent "light" version of Rochas Lui, though clearly not as good. Because I don't always want the richness of RL, but want a similar frag experience, I think CO should fit the bill. What I am most surprised about are the negative reviews of CO, especially in light of the fact that RL has gotten fairly good reviews, here and elsewhere. Anyway, I thought I'd bring this to light. Here is my review in the BN directory (though it might not appear for a long time, as many of you know about the delays involved there):

    What's interesting about these negative reviews is that this is clearly an attempt to create a Dunhill Desire for men (red)/Rochas Lui type of fragrance, which have been greeted at least fairly well by BaseNoters. Neither of those two is very expensive, of course, but this one is ridiculously cheap. I don't think it is as good as either of those others, but it's certainly not bad at all for the price (if you like those other two). I don't understand this idea of "plastic oranges." This has strong neroli in the top notes (like those other two), so that may be what they are responding to, but I'm surprised so many interpreted it as "grapsicle" or "plastic orange" when neroli is not exactly an exotic note. It also has a strong wood note and some minor sweet one (perhaps a touch of amber and vanilla). In Rochas Lui and Desire, there is clear patchouli, whereas CO may not have much if any. Desire has the strong rose floral note, which Rochas Lui does not have so I'd say CO is closer to RL. However, the vanilla and wood are more "articulated" in RL, whereas in CO it's more blended. I wouldn't be surprised if those who like RL or DD prefer CO to them, at least once in a while. It is like you are getting most of RL, but with a little missing, and on some days you might want a lighter version of RL (I can certainly say that about myself), so CO would likely fit the bill on those occasions. I think I like this the best of the Cubas I've tried so far (red, gold, black, and blue), actually, because it it's got everything: dynamism, balance, and pleasantness (to me, obviously), without having any negative attributes. Red would come next, but can grow a bit boring after a couple of hours. The others I don't like much for various reasons.
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    Default Re: How bad (or good) is the super-cheapo Cuba Orange ?

    I actually enjoy the cuba frags. I don't wear them a ton, but do enjoy them when I do.
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