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    Default John Varvartos original fragrance batch number?

    Hey there,

    I bought a 4.2mL bottle of John Varvatos from a seller on Ebay a few months ago. Have been wearing it for a while and it smells absolutely great - I've had no hints at all that it might be a fake. However, I was bored today and looking at fragrances on Ebay, and noticed quite a few auctions / sellers where I had to roll my eyes and say "That's got to be fake..."

    In my boredom, I turned to the internet to look up a bit more about telling counterfeits from real fragrances, and one of the things that interested me was the "batch number."

    Printed directly over the sticker on the bottom of my bottle of JV is a number 11205A. I assume this is the batch number, however I cannot find it on the original box that it came in. Meanwhile, the batch number for my bottle of Artisan is printed on the back of the original box there (009IWA). Does anyone here who still has the original packaging for JV know if the batch number is printed on the box? I inspected the box and the bottle thoroughly when getting them and I was completely unable to distinguish them from what I had seen last time I went to Sephora, however suddenly being unable to find the batch number on the JV box concerns me.

    Hoping someone could lend some advice

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    Default Re: John Varvartos original fragrance batch number?

    My original JV box has a batch number on the bottom of the box, Left of the bar code, under where it says the website. Its kind of hard to see, because it is an impression and its a black box but it looks like mine is 09605A.

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    Default Re: John Varvartos original fragrance batch number?

    Also, if it smells good and lasts long enough for you, I wouldn't worry about it. If you like it, its good.
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    Default Re: John Varvartos original fragrance batch number?

    Oh! Well I'll be damned! Hahaha, thanks for the crosshairs, tlshelf - held at just the right angle in the light I'm in I was able to find it. Wow, that is really hard to make out.

    And yes, it turns out the batch code matches. Aces <3

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