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    Default New ideas to sample?

    I'm a junior in college, so about the opposite of wealthy. I recently (after a bad breakup) got concerned about my appearance, my wardrobe, ect.. Fragrance was a natural progression.
    So, to tell you about my tastes, I was wearing La Nuit de L'Homme, which I was never crazy about but my ex loved and Swiss Army by Swiss Army. Since basenotes, I have tried Higher, DG Masculine, and CK Truth, and not liked any of those. Higher reminded me of pencil erasers, DG masculine was pure pepper, and CK Truth wasn't bad, but not anything to fall in love with.
    What I have liked is London by Burberry, Yohji Homme, and I still am OK with La Nuit de L'Homme.

    Any ideas to try? My current list (e.g. my shopping cart at perfumed court) to try is Irish Green Tweed, Jicky EDP, Body Kouros, and Bios D'Argent.

    More? I intend only on samples, and then to decide for my lonesome.
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    Default Re: New ideas to sample?

    PS. If you decant, I would like to hear quotes on samples for you. I prefer sprayers. PM me.

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    Default Re: New ideas to sample?

    Good Choices on the "Irish Green Tweed, Jicky EDP, Body Kouros" Also I might suggest you try the original Kouros (1981) amazing stuff! is Definitely a fragrance you need to "Sample" First! Unique and chic...also, If I don't mind imploring..try some of the Serge Lutens products..Ie; serge lutens muscs koublai khan, serge lutens Chergui and also the amazing "Ambre Sultan By Serge Lutens".

    If you could give me a genre and type of note pyramid you enjoy then I'd be happy to help further!

    Good Luck!

    - Balava
    - I Want To Appreciate You With My Eyes Closed-

    - Anonymous


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