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Thread: Going Creed

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    Talking Going Creed

    Got some questions before I buy my first creed perfume:

    Which is the best + modern Creed fragrance in your opinion ?
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    Modern Creed? Hmm... Virgin Island Water maybe? What would you consider modern?
    I would suggest going safe with either: GIT, Himalaya or Millesime Imperial.

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    There are so many that are so good but for me it would be Himalaya, Green Valley, Millesime Imperial, GIT and Original Vetiver. Sorry I just cannot just choose one. lol

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    Acier Aluminium is also very nice, even modern.

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    Virgin Island Water

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    creeds are the most overrated frags in the world..
    Lame, whaterish crap with no uniqueness..

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    Green Irish Tweed is a perfect all-everything frag. Works in all weather, and any environment (business, casual, weekend etc.)

    Bois du Portugal is my favorite Creed, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedster View Post
    Green Irish Tweed is a perfect all-everything frag. Works in all weather, and any environment (business, casual, weekend etc.)

    Bois du Portugal is my favorite Creed, however.
    Ditto every last word the Tedster just said.

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    Millesime Imperial.......The scent of a TRAPPER!!!

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    "Modern" is a relative term I think. Original Vetiver and Original Santal are a couple of their most recent offerings.

    Millesime Imperiale is IMO their most popular sort of "modern" scent. It is in the vein of the lighter scents that came to dominate men's frags so much in the 90s- but with a bit of Creed "punch." Silver Mountain Water close on it's heels.

    GIT and BdP from the 80s are kind of modern classics...

    I don't think we can pin this one for you. You need to read up on the reviews and other posts. Creed makes a wide, wide range of different scents. Depends on what you like.

    Edit: Forgot Acier Aluminum and Himalaya. Two more in the modern vein. And Virgin Island Water.
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    GIT is the best seller, Bois du Portugal is quite possibly their best. You can't buy this stuff blind. The problem I have with the modern Creed scents is that almost all of them dry down to a common buttery Ambergris note of which I'm not fond. As far as a modern one, probably Millesime Imperial with that champagne opener.
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    GIT is probably the best of the modern Creeds. Royal Scottish Lavender is probably the best of the vintage Creeds.

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    Default Re: Going Creed

    I am wearing Acier Aluminum tonight. And tonight I would consider it first among equals. Absolutely magnificent.
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