I bought a 3.4 oz bottle of Hiris EDT (Hermes) from perfumedistributor.com. It was either a fake or something was added to it to make it smell like a chemical, with no trace of perfume. I am very familiar with Hiris, since I have been using it for years. I usually buy it in a department store or online at Scentiments. I bought it at perfumedistributor, because they had a better price for it at that time.

I did not open the perfume when it arrived since I still had an unfinishe bottle. I did not start using it for a while after I bought it. I stored it in a cool dark place. When my previous bottle was finished I sparayed the one from perfumedistributor. There was no trace of the familiar scent. Only something chemical with no residue of any smell remaining.

I wrote to customer service but I received no reply. I repeated a request for refund or exchange several times, again with no reply.

That was my first (and last) experience with perfumedistributor.com. There does not seem to be any customer service, they do not even have a phone number one could call. As to the level of satisfaction- it was a total loss for me, so DO NOT GET TAKEN IN BY THEM.
Do not shop there, their perfumes may be fakes.