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    Default Jovan satisfaction is....

    i tried this one in the drugstore the other day for shits an giggles and what is funny is that just like Sean john copied creed MI, this little guy copied, it seems, has that bubblegum, vanillic smell....interesting....not horrible by any stretch, especially if you like gautier2...which i did and one of my ex girlfriends loved on both of us, jeez...i need to get another bottle of that stuff, women did like it for some reason.
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    Default Re: Jovan satisfaction is....

    There was an add with scent for both the men's and women's in my latest magazine (Maxim or Playboy- don't remember which) . The men's didn't seem that good to me, but the women's was ok. I did think it was odd using some kind of 100% satisfaction guaranty gimick.

    From their site:

    Whether you looking to find a hot date or add a little spice to your current relationship, Jovan Satisfaction will help you improve your love life, guaranteed. Just follow these easy steps:

    1.Buy the new Jovan Satisfaction fragrances
    2.Check out the Satisfaction Guaranteed Toolkit to find a romantic hot spot, send a love note or even find that special someone
    3.Spray on Jovan Satisfaction before heading out and be confident knowing that everything is in place to seal the deal
    If Satisfaction doesn’t work for you, we will give you a full refund.

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    Default Re: Jovan satisfaction is....

    Have you check out the website for this scent yet? - gosh is cheeky...!

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    Default Re: Jovan satisfaction is....

    Smelled similiar to D&G The One for men.

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