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    Default Scenter - cause you didn't smell enough already

    Look what I came across on Design Milk today: your own portable scent system, with a cartridge to be filled with a fragrant object of choice!

    Looks smooth, doesn't it? But after reading the accompanying text, it transpired that this is nothing more than a container in which you - for unknown reasons - place your sprig of lavender or some crumbs of your dear granny's apple pie, so that when you feel an overwhelming desire to smell them, you'll find them disintegrated you simply press the puff and their aroma will envelop you.
    ...The same thing that would happen if you placed said sprig of lavender in any old small container.

    Via Design Milk

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    Default Re: Scenter - cause you didn't smell enough already

    That's why I carry one of these...

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    Default Re: Scenter - cause you didn't smell enough already

    That bulbette is cool, monoï. There are seeds we pick that we love to smell but prefer not to snort right up the nose, and this device would solve that dilemma.
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