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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviatt View Post
    My most recent one was after testing a Creed scent in NYC--I had one spray of Royal English Leather on my hand but it must have been throwing off a lot of sillage because in the next store I went into I walked past a salesman who said how great it smelled and asked what it is. I told him and moved on to look at something at the back ot the store. I must not have spoken clearly enough because on my way out, I overheard him tell an associate "who would have thought that English Leather smelled that good? I'll have to go to Duane Reade after work....." I SHOULD have stopped and set him straight but, oh, well, I just helped English Leather sell another bottle.
    LOL. That IS one funny story. Have you been back to this store?

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    Seriously, when someone compliments on the cologne I'm wearing it does kind of feel that person has made my day.

    But yeah, mainly the compliments come from the ladies... only a few guys ever ask what I'm wearing etc... Most guys won't compliment saying "that's nice" even if they do like the smell of your fragrance because they might think they're giving out the wrong impression that they're gay or whatever. I do get compliments off guys but they're normally quite close friends or from my family... but you shouldn't worry, some people might be too shy because they might not know you enough but it doesn't mean to say they don't like what you're wearing. If you want to impress the ladies I find A*Men and 1 Million are the biggest compliment getters from my personal experience.

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    Default Re: On complements...

    Complements about what I wear are rare as hen's teeth. However, I just sniffing constantly reminds me just how great I smell..
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    Default Re: On complements...

    Quote Originally Posted by Diamondflame View Post
    LOL. That IS one funny story. Have you been back to this store?
    Not yet, but when I do, I will be wearing REL!

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