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    Default Usher rips off Fahrenheit

    The two major department stores down-under have been pushing Usher's 'VIP' pretty heavily the last few weeks. I saw a bottle and spray-cards next to me while I was buying a shirt and decided to give it a try. It smelt like a 'bog-standard' body spray at first, like something from Lynx, and subsequently I put the spray card in my back pocket and instantly forgot about it.

    20 minutes later I kept smelling what I thought was Fahrenheit, as Fahrenheit is pretty un-mistakable. I thought someone walking infront of me was wearing it, however when I had my hand close to my nose I realised it was coming from me, from the 'off-spray' of Usher VIP that landed on my hand.

    Good to see another 'original' celebrity scent. That said, I'd rather smell Fahrenheit than Joop! pour homme or Aqua di Gio all the time.

    Has anyone else tried this and had the same revelation?
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    Default Re: Usher rips off Fahrenheit

    To me, it smells almost exactly like Calvin Klein 'MAN' to me.
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    Default Re: Usher rips off Fahrenheit

    CK Man vs Fahrenheit? Interesting, for they hardly smell like each other to my nose. I'll probably give VIP a sniff if I happen to see it on the shelves but after Usher's lacklustre debut frag, I'm not exactly clamoring to try his latest. But I'll give Usher credit for taking a leaf from Sean John's experience with Unforgivable...

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