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    Anyone have any experience with Musgo Real Agua De Colonia No.1 Orange Amber?
    Is it similar to any high end colognes?

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    I hope you get an informed answer. My only comment is that I have No. 2 Oakmoss. It is a very nice green-leaf and green-grass sort of scent. Not especially powerful, but given the price it is acceptable. I suspect they all are like that.

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    I'd like to hear from BN'ers about this one, too.

    Meantime, westpac690, check this out for a user's review:
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    Anybody else any input on Musgo Real No.1 Orange Amber ?

    I have #2 Oakmoss and the Musgo afershave and I like them... I was hoping for some more feedback regarding #1.
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    Yes, I have a sample and wore this twice. Here are my impressions: the orange is pale, being eclipsed by powdery notes. In two words I would call this 'powdery orange'. It has a barber shop feel to it. I don't really think of it as an amber scent.

    I don't mind it, but I don't think the citrus is bright enough for me to consider buying.
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    Haven't tried any of their fragrances but I use Musgo Real shaving cream from the tube religiously. I would love to get that scent in a bottle! It would put the venerable Rive Gauche to shame

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