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    Default A fragrance for my girlfriend

    Hi. I have been a Basenotes member for several years now and have lurked around the site for 5 years, but I rarely post. This site has been invaluable and now I need your help. Any ladies on the forum would be welcome, as well. I want to get a fragrance for my girlfriend and it is quite a challenge. She wants me to pick one without her smelling it. Why do women have to make it so hard? Anyway, she has helped me a little by letting me know a few things.

    1. She does not like overly floral or fruity fragrances. She calls them "girly" fragrances
    2. Her favorite notes are orange blossom, cedarwood, and vanilla

    She is in her 20's, but is quite mature for her age. She has graduated college and is a professional chef. She has a strong, assertive personality, but a soft side, as well.

    On me she likes Back to Black, Jubilation XXV, and Spiriteueuse Double Vanilla. She does not like on me Maison FK Lumiere Noir Pour Homme, Havana Vanille, and was so-so on Bois d'Armenie. She has not worn a fragrance since high school.

    I want the fragrance to be niche and as it is a special gift I don't really care about the price(to a point, anyway-no Clive Christian).

    What ideas do you have? Thanks for your help everyone.
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    Default Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    The best niche you can give her would be Fleur d'Oranger by L'Artisan Parfumeur.

    If that's too expensive check out Opium by YSL.
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    Default Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    En Avion by Caron. It's not niche, but it's a cult classic.

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    Default Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    Maser, great to have you posting.

    I'm probably going to be a total cop out on the vanilla thing, because unless it's in Pour un Homme I'm not much of a vanilla-scent guy. I'd say you should consider Acqua di Parma Colonia. This might kick her butt because it's so classic and the orange blossom thing she goes for might carry through to AdP.

    There are lots of members who prefer AdP Colonia Assoluta. I'm not one of them. I say Colonia is the one to start with, but Assoluta is good too. As a matter of fact, I got Assoluta for a girlfriend a few years ago and that's part of what makes me think AdP is so good for the circumstances (I didn't give my girlfriend Colonia because I wanted to keep that smell for myself).
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    Default Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    I'd say go with a vintage Shalimar pure parfum. It can be had fairly easily on Ebay, is about as classy as they come, and smells f-ing good! One of the best drydowns around.

    Another one of my favorites on a woman is Dior Addict ( Not Dior Addict 2, Dior Addict Twist, Dior Addict Sport Summer Chrome Lite, etc.) It also has a great vanilla drydown.
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    Default Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    Comme des Garcons + Daphne Guinness Daphne perfume would be my recommendation. Its very sexy, not overtly feminine, and heavy on orange blossom and vanilla. Theres some woody patchouli and maybe a little cedar, but regardless it seems a perfect match to me.
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    Default Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    Paris Hilton Heiress.

    Just kidding.

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